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Multi-functional Partition Wall

Lead Time10-12 Days

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PortChina Lead Time10-12 Days

Product Details

The multi-functional partition wall is manufactured as a whole, and the surface is equipped with a longitudinal and horizontal pipeline layout path, which meets the assembly requirements of non-masonry of the partition wall and the integration of internal partition wall and pipeline and decoration in the prefabricated building.

Product Information

Product features: 1. Reserve wiring space, easy to lay pipelines;

2.Prefabricated installation, fast installation speed, reverse detachable, recyclable, easy to maintain;

3.High load-bearing, single-point hanging heavy load > 1000N;

4.High sound insulation, the sound insulation of the 100 series finishing layer reaches 50dB after installation;

5.The material is environmentally friendly.

Product Range:1. 50 series: used for sewer pipes, flue encapsulation and other non-partition properties;

2. 70 series: used for the position of water supply pipelines in the kitchen and bathroom, or the position of mechanical and electrical pipelines on one side in the living room;

3. 100 series: used for arranging electromechanical pipelines on both sides of the room.

Scope of application:1. residential space;

2. School space;

3. Office space;

4. Hospital space;

5. Cultural tourism space;

6. Public Spaces.

Performance indicators:1. Areal density (dry): 50-60KG/m²;

2. 密度级别:B05/B06;

3. Intensity: 3.5Mpa;

4. Flexural load: 5000N;

5. Single-point hanging: 1000N;

6. Combustion performance: Class A (non-combustible material);

7. Air sound insulation: 50dB.

Taiwei Meizhu Building Materials Manufacturing (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.

Neiguanzhuang Village,and Qianyangzhuang Village in Linxi Town,Yutian County,Tangshan City,Heibei Province,China


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