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What is TradeWheel ?

TradeWheel is one of the most significant online B2B trading platforms that cater to a vast number of industries. It was instituted with the prime objective to bring innovation and convenience in the global trading model. It has morphed into the most explicit and transpicuous B2B trading portal that brackets millions and millions of wholesale buyers, sellers, vendors, distributors, and importers on one platform. Our internationally influencing online trading portal accommodated a multitude of registered users and is still venturing to augment its database all across the globe.

Effective digital solutions:

TradeWheel has successfully cultivated the reputation as the top B2B platform that aims to curtail the trading gap between various trading entities with the help of efficacious retail solutions, beneficial tools, and functional development solutions. This platform is predominantly designed to provide for the fierce business competition with a secure, vigilant, reliable and legitimate medium of trading.


How to buy

You can select from the following options to search for the suppliers or your desired products:

1 – Search for Products:

You can reach your desired products by either entering the keyword into the search bar or browsing through the categories present on the front page. After finding your demanded product, send a direct inquiry to the seller.

2 – Post Buying Lead:

If you are unable to locate the products you are looking for, go to Homepage > and press Buying Request Button or go to Buyers > add your request via "Quick Buying Requests." Let the sellers contact you themselves. Go to > Inbox. Here you can check inquiries received against your RFQ.


How to sell

Below are the two options to find buyers on TradeWheel:

1 – Search Buying Leads:

You can find the buyers by either entering the keywords in the search bar or browsing categories. When you find the right buyer, connect with them by clicking on "Contact Now" options.

2 – Post Products:

You can easily find multiple buyers for your products by posting them on our platform. To exhibit your products, visit TradeWheel and tap on "Start Selling"

Check your inbox to stay updated with the inquiries against your products.


Free Membership

To reach your desired goals in the competitive market, expanding your business internationally is highly advocated. As a free membership holder, you can benefit from the below mentioned services to reach potential buyers/suppliers:

Build your Company Website:

At TradeWheel you can build your company website, asides from being free it is also super easy to make and use. You do not need to invest in developing and designing after you sign up to our platform; your personal website will automatically be generated as:

Display Products:

Attract reliable and authentic buyers to your brand by exhibiting your products at TradeWheel. To post your products, visit TradeWheel > Start Selling and submit after entering the product information.

Display Buying or Selling Leads:

You can find buying and selling trade offers under the Buying or Selling lead tab. It is more advanced and direct then products.

Get Trade Alerts:

With trade alerts, you can stay updated regarding the freshly posted trade leads, product directories, and business profiles email based on your selected keywords and categories.


Paid Membership:

What are the benefits of opting for our paid membership?
With our paid membership plan you can expect to have the following benefits:

  • • Connect to the potential global buyers in seconds.
  • • Allow buyers to invest trust in you faster.
  • • Convenient access to 3 million buyers.
  • • Generate personalized company website.
  • • Enjoy with free advertising packages
  • • Receive free monthly credit reports and a lot more.

We recommend our premium membership to the following users:

  • • Ventures who wish to start an online business.
  • • Business owners are looking for buyers in the international industry.
  • • Traders with the aim to successfully penetrate into the global market.
  • • Everyone who is not contented with other B2B websites.

TradeWheel has freshly formulated an e-brochure for all the Premium Membership holders. You can further learn and check the service features along with the strengths and the reasoning as to why you need the Premium Membership for your business.

How to upgrade the Premium membership?
To garner the maximum benefits from TradeWheel, you can upgrade your premium memberships as following:



What do you mean by Inquiry?
Inquiry can be explained as an Email sent to either buyer or supplier, with reference to their products, buying or selling needs, or any other such information. At TradeWheel, we make it easier to manage all your inquiries, with our convenient Inquiry Management system.

How to send inquires?

By following the below mentioned routes, you can send inquiries:

Inquiry Regarding a Product:

  • • From Product Page
  • • From the Search Result Page
  • • Company Website

Sending Reply from Inbox:
In case you have received a product inquiry from any buyer/seller you can comfortably use our inquiry management system. To reply to the received message, click on the "reply" option.

How can I get more responses?
  • • Ensure every information related to your contact details is updated and correct.
  • • Try being precise while sending the inquiries.
  • • Be sure to identify yourself in inquiries.
  • • Stay alert and attentive of the inquiries that come your way to answer them speedily.

Why am I getting failed inquiries?
With the escalating problem of spam mails on the internet, a vast number of service providers automatically block the widely used webmail addresses.

Can I send an inquiry even when I am not a member?
Apologies, but to send inquiry, it is necessary to be a member of TradeWheel. You will be asked to become a member, at the bottom of any "Send Message" form. While sending your message and contact information to the seller/buyer, you will be required to submit your Email address for registration.


Advertise With Us

Enjoy the Perks of Advertising on the Biggest Online B2B platform
TradeWheel is listed among the most prominent and influencing online B2B trading marketplaces, that takes pride in hosting a multitude of buyers and sellers from all across the world.

Excellent Marketing Opportunities
TradeWheel with its ideal marketing solutions empowers the buyers or sellers to optimize their marketing means and reach their targeted audience by displaying their products in our banners, top listing ads, and in the latest products.

Cost Effective Advertising Options
TradeWheel is the most budget friendly and ideal place for effective advertisement. Our professional designers will design a creative ad for your website, free of cost. You can rely on us to get the best free and reliable services.

Types of Advertisement:

  • • Home Page Advertisement Home page advertisement ensures the maximum exposure. Join us and display your banner on the front page, gaining more than 1.7 million views every month.
  • • Featured Product Advertisement Feature your products and allow them a chance to be displayed on the top.
  • • Top Selling Product Advertisement You can also post your ad in the top selling advertisement box to build the trust of customers in your products.
  • • Banner Advertisement Post your ad in the specially targeted banner areas according to your needs. Let the users discover your products on "Buy now" or "Sell now" page.
  • • Product Page Advertisement Do you know that the product page is one of the most visited pages? Give your business the maximum exposure by displaying your ad here.

Extortionate Exposure: On the main page of TradeWheel, feature ads are to be appeared on a rotatory basis. This enhances your chances of getting noticed by a massive number of potential customers.

Augmented Number of Click Through:
Holding the feature ad properties, your products will receive more clicks than the ordinary ones.

Effective Exposure:
Attract the attention of millions of buyers and get multiplied business opportunities.

Category and Keyword Search

Search by Keyword:

The Keyword based advertisements are displayed when a buyer searches for something using the keyword option. These ads are posted on the topmost area of the page, where the buyers can see them easily at the first glance. Apart from that, it is also possible to post your ad on the side banners of the search page; both will maximizer the chances of your products attracting the potential customers for better trade relations.
Search by Category:

These ads are displayed when the buyers look for their desired products while using the category browsing method. To browse products via categories, select the one, closest to your required product from the categories mentioned on the main page of TradeWheel and find the top listings on that page.

Category and Keyword Search

Monthly Newsletter:

TradeWheel hosts more than 5 million registered buyers, sellers, service providers, and traders. Placing your creative ad banner in our newsletter will help you get maximum exposure and empower you to reach a massive number of potential buyers who actively go through our newsletter.

How to Pay?
The following chart displays the standard advertisement charges against various options available at TradeWheel. To register for the package, click on the "Order" button located on the left side of the page against every option, and make the payment. Please note that you need to be a registered user to be applicable to utilize the following advertisement services.



What is TradeWheel?
TradeWheel is listed among the most dominant online trading portal that caters to millions and millions of buyers, sellers, traders, and business owners from all across the globe. It is a globally operated B2B portal that has secured the top most position for itself, consequential to its far sight vision, steadfast dedication, and constant perseverance. TradeWheel has morphed into the most reliable and transparent trading platform that is visited by more than 1.7 million visitors every month.

How many users does TradeWheel host?
TradeWheel takes pride in its extensive and far-reaching database. It is the most trusted online trading platform that hosts hundreds of thousands of suppliers, manufacturers, importers, buyers, and distributors from all across the globe. Our platform has more than 1.7 million page views every month.

Who are the primary users of TradeWheel? TradeWheel caters to the requirements of both the buyers and the sellers. We are well versed in delivering them their desired results with the efficient tools, reliable services, and effective policies. Our platform is extremely beneficial for everyone who wants to expand their business in the international market.

For Sellers, Distributors, and Manufacturers: At our platform, all the manufacturers and suppliers of the industry are invited to exhibit their products and find new, authentic global buyers for their business. Suppliers can post their products, selling leads, and also connect with buyers to send them inquiries.

For Importers and Buyers: TradeWheel is free for all the buyers who want to browse through a vast variety of products. They can find all their favored suppliers and come across internationally reputable manufacturers to form business relations with.

How can I amplify business opportunities for my band with TradeWheel?
TradeWheel empowers you with the best and most convenient way to reach your desired goals. With the facilitation and convenience of our platform, importers can easily browse and purchase their desired products from the international market with the comfort of a click. Manufacturers and exporters can reap the maximum benefits from our intense buyers' directory. Our platform is a 24/7 active online platform that is meant to provide you amplified business opportunities. Moreover, we offer all our clients with the ideal tools, effective marketing solutions, and resources to keep you above your competition.

How can I register my account?
You can register for an account at TradeWheel by clicking on the "Join Now" option.

Can one person or brand hold more than one account?
Yes, TradeWheel allow users or business to hold multiple accounts.

How many products can a free and paid member post?
Paid members are allowed to post just as many products as they want, whereas the free account holders can only post to a certain number of products.

What to do if I have forgotten my password?
You can easily retrieve your account by simply visiting the below mentioned link:

  • • Connect to the potential global buyers in seconds.
  • • Allow buyers to invest trust in you faster.
  • • Convenient access to 3 million buyers.
  • • Generate personalized company website.
  • • Enjoy with free advertising packages
  • • Receive free monthly credit reports and a lot more.

We recommend our premium membership to the following users:

  • • Ventures who wish to start an online business.
  • • Business owners are looking for buyers in the international industry.
  • • Traders with the aim to successfully penetrate into the global market.
  • • Everyone who is not contented with other B2B websites.

TradeWheel has freshly formulated an e-brochure for all the Premium Membership holders. You can further learn and check the service features along with the strengths and the reasoning as to why you need the Premium Membership for your business.

How to upgrade the Premium membership?
To garner the maximum benefits from TradeWheel, you can upgrade your premium memberships as following:


Getting a membership:

What is

TradeWheel is a complete B2B online trading platform having extensive experience in the trans-border trade and digital marketing.

Why should I create a account?

We have created durable components to bridge the trading gap between variegated business entities and are bringing innovation in the conventional online trading model to enhance the brand development services. To learn more about us visit

Would creating an account on be free of cost?

Yes, you can register on because it is completely free of cost. In order to become a free member:


  • Visit and click “Join Free”

  • Complete the form and click “Join Now”

  • Confirm your email and get started

Do you have any Trial account? (Do you provide Trial Service)

No, we do not provide trial accounts. However, you can surely sign-up for a free account if you wish to try out our services.

What is the difference in premium membership and free Membership?

With the premium packages, you get higher rankings, buyers access, more buyer inquiries.

How much is the fee of How can I pay if I wish to upgrade?

There are 3 memberships different prices for different packages. you can contact the salesperson for further details. You can pay through Alipay, TT, bank wire, wechat and many more

Can I Pay Monthly instead of Yearly?

No, the payment is to be made on an annual basis.

What is a ticket?

It basically refers to a support ticket or a service request. It is generated when an end-user requests help or support in any regard. Usually, emails are referred to as support tickets. It assigns an identity to your request which is followed-up later by a support person.

Where can I get your brochure?

You can get our e-brochure in <English> as well as in <Chinese>

How can I contact

For quick support, use our live chat option. Additionally, you can also contact us via [email protected] or [email protected]


Basic FAQs:

How to recover my password?

If you already have an account and forgot your password then you can reset your password simply by visiting this link

What is account status?

There are three account statuses,


  • Active - By default your account is active

  • Suspended - If you are constantly spamming* on your account, it would be suspended

  • Terminated - We will give warnings while your account is suspended, in case of no response to those warnings, your account could be terminated.

    *Spamming refers to exceeding the maximum quotation limits. Every package has its own quotation limits, if you are constantly exceeding those limits then it is known as spamming.

What is posting status?

When you post a product, it goes to “approved” status by default; however, if we find out something suspicious about the product posted, it would go for an “in review” or “pending approval” status.

What is Request for Quotation?

An RFQ or Request for Quotation is a formal request given by a buyer/importer to get prices of a particular product.

What is an SEO report?

SEO shows customers their websites' keyword rankings, backlinks, competitor analysis, site audits and so on. It depends on the commitment made with the clients.

What is Live Support Online?

Live support is a Web service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real-time with visitors to their Website.

Do you allow multiple accounts?

Yes, you can use a different email address.

I wish to unsubscribe from your mailing list

At the bottom of every email that Tradewheel directs towards you, you get an option to unsubscribe by scrolling down.

I am a new user, I am unable to log in


I wish to change my password

Sign in to your account > Go to “Settings” > go to “ Change Password” > Enter current password > Enter New password > Confirm new password > Click “ Update Password”

What do you mean by a strong password?

By Strong Password we mean a Password should contain at least one special character ( %$#@! ) alphabets and Numbers. Password Length Must be at least 8 characters

Could you send your sales representative to our office?

Yes, it depends on Management Decision; however, our Representative can visit your office if you are interested in purchasing Our Premium Membership and looking for long term collaboration

Could quote a price for 100 pieces of XYZ product?

No, we can not quote a price for any product unless we have appropriate information as per product specs and MOQ by the supplier, so TradeWheel can get you the prices in real-time.

What products are banned from trading?

The products which are globally banned, for example, alcoholic products, illegal, banned commodities, IPR products, and many more. Read our terms and policies for complete information.

What are your office hours?

We operate for 24 hours, 7 days a week

What do you mean by attested documents?

As we do not require your original business certificates, we advise you to provide us the attested documents that are verified by government officials.

What is a higher priority in

It depends on your membership such that, VIP members have the highest priority in the product listings, high Priority Keyword listing, etc.

Do you offer a showroom for unlimited products?

No, we do not.


eCommerce FAQs:

What is EXW - ExWorks?

EXW refers to ExWorks. ExWorks represents that seller has a minimum responsibility in the trade since he has to only place the products at the buyer’s disposal. All the other tasks of import-export clearance, carriage and insurance are to be dealt by the buyer himself.

What is FCA - Free Carrier?

FCA refers to free carrier. In FCA, the seller delivers the product at the buyer’s named place; while the buyer pays for the carriage to the named place.

What is FAS - Free Alongside Ship?

FAS refers to Free Alongside Ship. this term is used for ocean transport only. The seller is responsible for the clearance of all the goods for export. The buyer, however, has to bear all the costs as well as the risks of damage from that moment onwards.

What is FOB - Free On Board?

FOB refers to free on board. The buyer is obliged to bear all the shipment costs and the risks to the goods after the seller delivers , that is, after the goods pass the buyer’s named port of shipment.

What is CNF - Cost and Freight?

CNF refers to cost and freight. This term makes the seller obliged to pay all the necessary costs required to bring the goods to the named destination. The seller must clear the goods for export; however, the risks of loss or damage (and any other costs that may occur during delivery of the product) are transferred from seller to buyer. This term is strictly used for ocean transport.

What is CIF - Cost, Insurance, Freight?

CIF means cost, insurance, freight. The idea behind this concept is the same as that of CFR; however, in this process of delivery, the seller also holds a “Procure Marine Insurance” against the buyer’s risk of loss or damage during the carriage. This term is strictly used for ocean transport.

What is CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid?

It is same as that of CPT provided the seller also holds a “Procure Marine Insurance”  against the buyer’s risk of loss or damage during the carriage.

What is CPT - Carriage Paid To?

In this method that seller can deliver to any carrier of his choice but he has to pay additional costs required to ship the product to buyer’s named destination. The seller is obliged to bear the clearance for exports as well;however,after the goods have been delivered sellers owes no responsibility for risks or damage. All the costs of risks and damages are borne by the buyer thereafter.

What is DAF - Delivered At Frontier?

In this type of contract the seller is obliged to ship all the products at the buyer’s border location. The seller is held responsible for all the costs during the shipment but he is not responsible for the loss or damages occurred after the shipment.

What is DES - Delivered Ex Ship?

In this contract type the seller is obliged to ship all the products at an agreed-upon point. The seller is not responsible for the clearance of the goods neither is he responsible for the loss or damages occurred after the delivery of the product at that agreed point. 

What is DEQ - Delivered Ex Quay?

This term implies that the seller is obliged to ship all the products to the wharf, uncleared. Additionally, the buyer is responsible for any loss or damages. This term has been replaced by delivered at terminal and it is strictly used for ocean transportation.

What is DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid?

This is similar to DDP, provided the seller would not be held responsible for carrying out the customs. All the customs essential would be borne by the buyer.

What is DDP - Delivered Duty Paid?

In this agreement the seller has to deliver the goods at the agreed-upon point. The seller has to bear all the costs as well as the risks of carrying out customs which includes the payment of duties, customs fees and taxes.

What is DAT – Delivered at Terminal?

This term implies that the seller is obliged to ship all the products to the agreed-upon terminal, uncleared. Additionally, the buyer is responsible for any loss or damages. Once the products are unloaded, the seller is not responsible thereafter.

What is DAP - Delivered At Place?

The seller, in this agreement, pays for all the costs necessary for the delivery of the goods except for the import clearance. The goods are shipped at the buyer’s disposal, ready for unloading, on the arriving means of transportation.

What is T/T

It is the simplest and a secure payment method which to as telegraphic transfer, or simply wire transfer. It uses a method of advanced payment when a sample is delivered from a seller to a buyer.

What is L/C

It is a document which is issued by the bank. It authorizes the bearer to draw a particular amount of money (as stated by the issuing bank) from the issuing bank or its branches or associated banks (or agencies).

What is D/A

D/A is a kind of a shipping document. It is held by the buyer’s banking authorities till the time he accepts and signs the draft.

What is western union?

It is a global money transfer service. It allows consumers to receive and send money across the borders. It is primarily done through a global network of TPA (Third-party agents) who use the money transfer systems worldwide. Payment methods include cash-to-cash, direct-to-account, Kiosks for deposits, cash-to-mobile, cash-to-card and kiosks for deposit and receive cash.

What is Money Gram?

It is similar to western union. It provides services such as money orders, money transfers, bill payments, etc. to people who do not have bank accounts (or who do not wish to use their bank accounts).

What is PayPal?

It is an online financial service which allows a person to pay via an internet account. It can be called as a virtual bank account. You can add your card details or your bank account details to your paypal and securely transfer money by choosing which of your card(s) or account(s) you wish to pay with.


Upgrading the membership:

What are your different packages?

We provide Four different packages,


  • Silver membership

  • Gold membership

  • Gold advance membership

  • VIP membership

What is the difference between VIP membership, Gold Advance membership, Gold and Silver membership?

To learn about the key differences between all the packages, please visit or contact us at [email protected] or contact your account manager directly on the phone or chat.

How would I upgrade to the premium package?

When you make the payment, we would take about 24 hours to have your membership upgraded.

When would I see the premium membership badge on my profile?

You would be able to see the premium membership badge on your profile, right after we receive the payment.

Do I need a company registration certificate? What happens if I do not have a company registration certificate?

Yes. You need to provide us scan copy of CRC (Company Registration Certificate)

What is the difference between KAM and ISM?

KAM is the Key Account Manager dedicated to you to assist you in managing your Tradewheel's profile Whereas ISM is the International Sales Manager who will work for your company to promote your company on international platforms & develop your business

How can I renew my premium membership plan?

You can renew the membership plan by making the annual payment.

Would I pay the same price for renewing my membership plan as I paid earlier?

The price depends on the services we provided. You can discuss it with your ISM at the end of the tenure.

Do you reject the membership application? If so, what are the criteria for rejection?

If you are not complying with’s policies, your application would be rejected.



What is RFQ?

An RFQ or Request for Quotation is a formal request given by a buyer/importer to get prices of a particular product.

What is Inquiry?


An inquiry is a piece of information requested or asked by the buyer from the supplier.

How to differentiate between RFQ, Vcard, and inquiry in the message center?

An RFQ or Request for Quotation is a formal request given by a buyer/importer to get prices of a particular product. Vcard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File), is a file format standard for electronic business cards. Inquiry refers to the information requested or asked by the buyer from the supplier.

What to do if I receive spam messages in the message center?

Our System Will automatically scans spam messages and filter them out. however, completely stopping spam is not possible. All inquiries sent to our Premium Member are manually scanned so Upgrade to our Premium Package to get Filtered, Relevant Buyers. You can also block the sender from the Members area.

Can I view messages of the message center on my personal email as well?

Yes, you can

How to delete all messages in the message center?

Select all the messages and confirm the delete.

How can I view the message I sent to the buyer?

Sign in to your account > Go to “Message Centre" > Go to “Sent"

How to reply to a buyer

Sign in to your account > Go to “Message Centre" > Go to "Inbox" > Type your message and confirm reply.

How to find the contact information of the buyer

Contact your account manager or [email protected]



Will I get multiple ids and passwords for my sub-accounts?

Yes, you will get this.

Being a parent account owner, can I delegate authority to one of my sub-accounts to delete or disable any other account?

No, only parent account can delete or disable a sub-account.

What if the Parent account deletes any account, can he create another account?

Yes, he can.

Can you please elaborate on what I can monitor?

You can control the product inquiries and message center of the sub-account.

Shall I change my sub-accounts username and passwords frequently?



Buyer Essentials:

How would I get the buyer guarantee?

Buyer Guarantee is provided by our experts after analyzing your industry, market trends and key products at the time of signing contract.

What are the different ways to find suppliers

You can find verified suppliers by:
a) Posting an RFQ on
b) Browsing companies and products on’s search bar
c) By contacting customer support or Live Chat agent.

How to find and purchase items

You can find & purchase items on by:
(a) Using General Search bar on’s search bar. To get better results use specific keywords like “White Plastic Granules” instead of “granules”
(b) You can browse by clicking through categories and lists of items, exploring as you go, until you find something you're interested in.

How to identify a reliable seller

Sellers with TradeWheel’s premium Badge are authentic & reliable to trade with. These suppliers are duly verified by our experts before upgrading them to premium member.

Can I bargain with the seller?

Prices mentioned by the seller on TradeWheel’ are market competitive. However, you can still message the seller for a better quote.

Are the products on authentic?

Tradewheel strongly discourages and stands against the products which are not authentic or fake.  On the confirmation of any product being un-authentic, our dedicated teams take necessary measures to eradicate such presence.

Does offer any free membership?

Yes, does offer free membership.

Where can I find sellers' information?

Seller’s information is mentioned on their TradeWheel’s company profile. To enter their company profile, you can search seller under “products” or “company” search section and click on their company name.

While searching for any product, I get so many results. How can I choose the best result?

While searching, our top listed & featured suppliers that have a premium member badge are authentic & reliable to trade with.

What shall I do if there are no matching products that I want to find?

Tradewheel provides you with a wide range of products from all around the world. However, if you have not been able to find your required products then post an RFQ on and our team will connect you with the best supplier

How many RFQs can I post?

You can post 10 RFQs at a time.

What do you mean by the premium member?

Premium members are the ones who enjoy value-added benefits of TradeWheel’s services. They can be our Gold, Gold Advance or VIP members.

I do not get responses from the suppliers
  1. You may not be receiving responses from suppliers because of the reasons below:


1) Check the "Sent Items" of your member’s area message center to check if your inquiry has been sent successfully. If your message cannot be found in your "Sent Items", we recommend that you try resending it.


2) Your message is not detailed and/or specific enough, so the supplier may not know what you want. Furthermore, inquiries with fewer details may end up in their spam folder. Please do provide detailed product requirements so that the suppliers can know what to offer you.


You can also post RFQ  with clear product pictures and detailed product descriptions. This way, appropriate sellers will be notified of your requirements and email you themselves.


Seller Essentials:

Why post the company profile?

Posting and completing a company profile is essential as it helps the supplier to showcase his/her products on the platform against which they receive inquiries. Updating company profile is easy, just log in and select Edit Company Profile from the Member Area.

Is it desirable to mention my company website?

Yes it is better but of course not necessary. 

What company information I need to provide and in which order of priority?

You just need to provide basic information regarding your company which          you usually provide on your website. Information includes basic stuff like date of formation, your specialty, certifications, moq and of course the products in which you deal in.

Whose Contact number should be mentioned?

The one responsible for TradeWheel’s Account.

Why Post product?

To let customers know what products you can provide to them.

How to Post products?

Sign-in to your account > Go to “Products” > Click “Add”

What do you mean by Product Optimization?

Product optimization allows your product to be displayed on top searches on multiple keywords on search section.

Why is it important to select an exact product category?

Selecting an exact product category optimizes your product effectively. You may appear in top searches even while searching your respective industry.

What should I keep in mind while filling in the product name?

While posting product name, choosing a good keyword is important. Keep these factors in mind while filling the name section;
a) Be Relevant
b) Be Specific & Comprehensive
c) Consider regional keywords
d) Use different terminologies

What do you mean by keywords?

Keyword is a single word or phrase that a potential user searches to find the most relevant results he is looking for. To get those searchers to find your product and services, you need to include the right keywords for your product or services.

What should be the maximum file size of the brochure?

Recommended file size is 50 MB. Supported file types include PDF only.

What should be the maximum file size of the picture?

Max Picture Size is 2MB with 1000px X 1000px dimensions. Only JGP, JPEG and PNG Formats are supported.


Delete Account:

How can I delete my TradeWheel account?

To remove your account from you will have to request for deletion. This option is available on your dashboard.

Remember that deleting an account is a permanent action that can’t be undone.


To access your rights to remove the account, follow the steps below:


1)      Login to your account:



2)      Member’s dashboard will appear.


3)      Select “Settings” from the menu bar on the left side of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear.



4)      Select the option “Delete” to remove your account permanently.



5)      You will be requested to re-enter your password and provide a reason for deletion. This will help us to improve our service.



6)      As soon as you submit your request, the account deletion process will start.



7)      You will shortly receive an email on your registered email address, notifying that your account has been deleted successfully.



After you have submitted your request, your account will be removed from’s database automatically. Once it is done, you can’t resurrect any data or reactivate the same account. 

Register Your Company