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Trading & Tips focuses on facilitating businesses across the world with convenient digital trade routes. However, just like any other business, is also not immune to scams.


We restlessly work towards making the entire e-commerce experience effortless and convenient for you and advise you to take all precautionary actions before making any monetary transactions. In efforts to make sure our customers enjoy a safe trade, we have identified key features of scammers.


Take a few minutes and read below to ensure that you are not falling for any of these typical fraudulent scamming techniques.


Unusually Cheap Price:

Scammers list unusually low prices on the website to lure customers. Usually, such sellers post very inexpensive products that are too cheap to be true. Beware of such scams and only go for listings with realistic prices. In order not to fall victim to one of these fraudsters, first off, do your research. If the price is way too good to be true, then it probably is not a legitimate deal. 


Promotional Offers:

Where it is a great idea to attract more customers by offering promotions, yet it is one of the most common traits detected among scammers. Manufacturers provide benefits to customers in hopes of encouraging purchase and loyalty.


Fraudsters who want to scam you often obtain your details and pose as a genuine manufacturer who wants to offer greater value for your money. Buyers usually think of these promotions as a sign of legitimacy because why would a scammer bother about promotions? But make no mistakes, these fraudsters are known to allure customers with great promotional offers.


Advanced Payment:

TradeWheel does not promote paying in advance and advises its users against it. An advance fee scam occurs when the victim pays in advance to the seller in anticipation of receiving something of equal or greater value. If you choose to opt for advanced payment, we advise you to take necessary precautions since TradeWheel is not responsible for transactions between a buyer and seller.


Unusual payment terms:

When a supplier asks you to dispatch payment via unusual channels like cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, wickr, etc., do you get skeptical? Well, if you don’t, then you must. A genuine buyer would always set legitimate payment terms and routes.


The unusual payment method is always a big sign of a scam. If anyone demands payment by gift card, bitcoins, wickr, Google Play, pre-loaded money cards, or pre-paid debit cards — just know it’s a scam.


Unreal delivery time:

If your latest business partner from across the world claims to deliver your bulk package in just 1 - 2 days, the chances of fraud are high. Scammers are increasingly attracting new customers by offering them unreal delivery time. Any legitimate business will at least take 8 – 10 working days for your order to be processed and delivered.


Reluctance in Physical or Virtual Meetings:

A scammer will always avoid a physical meeting, video call, or any type of contact that might reveal his true identity. They will always have an excuse ready to avoid any confrontation. Beware of sellers or buyers who never share their private details with you. The chances are that they’re hiding their information to avoid legal repercussions.  


The difference in Details: 

Before making a transaction, make sure to verify the basic details of the user. If a user tells you that they’re from a certain country, but the bank detail shows differently, the chances are that you are being scammed. TradeWheel advises you to verify the details as much as you can before sending the goods/making the payment. 


Fake documents:

Scammers will always provide you the fake documents. strongly suggests all its buyers verify the documents/ passports with the relevant authorities prior to making any monetary transactions.


Document fraud is one of the major forms of organized crime. They have been linked to a broad range of criminal activities, from financial scams to beyond. Scamming through online marketplaces is not the only problem with fake documents; they can be used for credit frauds, to get fraudulent government assistance, and much more.


WhatsApp not available:

Most of the scammers will share WhatsApp numbers that are not available on cellular networks. When faced with such situations, you are advised to thoroughly evaluate their online presence and set up a phone or video chat immediately to access their authenticity. 


Scammers will have a vague profile and avoid questions. They might push you to take immediate action and transfer payment quickly. If it is too much too soon, act responsibly and report the person instantly. 


Absence of Company account: 

A scammer will never register his or her company to avoid legal consequences. You will see that the person shared his personal banking details rather than the company account. It is important that you take the necessary measures to ensure that the person you are dealing with is actually a legit owner of a business to avoid any misfortune. 


Further Discounted Deals:

A scammer will try his hard to lure you in with all kinds of attractive offers. He may offer you a discounted price that includes shipping as well as custom charges. It makes a very attractive proposition for the buyer, but in most scenarios, such users are scammers trying to win you over with low-cost offers. 



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