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Guangzhou Pente Tent Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Guangzhou , Guangdong
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Fujian Nanan Creative Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Quanzhou, Fujian
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Dongguan Hongzheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

  • Dongguan, Guangdong
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Chengdu cloud claw Technology Co., LTD

  • Chengdu, Sichuan
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Suzhou Jiutian Sculpture Art Co., Ltd.

  • Yancheng, Yancheng
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Zibo Guorun building materials Co., LTD

  • Zibo, Shandong Province
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    We live in an era where most of our work is driven by technology thanks to advancing science and research optimizing the way we do things and why we do them! These ever-growing Innovations and techniques have been benefitting society to simplify our lives and chores. The building and construction industry has experienced a remarkable contrast in its ways and methods, cutting the cost incurred – right from an individual home buyer to an architect to a builder’s company. Construction and building contribute significantly to a nation’s economic growth.

    To get connected with the renowned building and construction products manufacturers and suppliers, TradeWheel offers you a global marketplace where you will find every product a construction business will ever need to carry out its daily operations. 


    Importing building & construction materials from China is the best possible option as more than half of the world does the same. The construction and building industry of the United States imports a large number of machinery and products in the form of wholesale building materials. 

    These wholesale building materials are taken in at very low prices to be used by construction firms and a number of US retailers. The Growth of the building and construction industry has grown throughout the past years. China is the biggest exporter of building & construction materials, as half of the world’s products come from Asian countries. 

    The top exporters of Construction and building Machinery are Germany - $2.75B, the United States - $2.27B, China -$2.07B, Japan - $1.35B, Brazil - $1.21B. The top importers of Construction and building Machinery are the United States - $2.2B, Canada - $1.09B, Russia - $876M, India - $643M and Australia - $602M.

    We at have come up with the most inclusive and complete collection of products for builders and architectural businesses on finding the most affordable building materials to buy for their warehouses at wholesale prices.  We are having some of the best names of the industry on our platform who will show you the best products and strike the best deals with you. From our platform buyers and sellers of building and construction machinery will find the best rates from top names of the respective industry.


    Building’s structure relies on the support materials along with the wall, floor, and foundation. Construction materials and products provided by our manufacturers undergo laboratory testing, materials testing, and special inspections. The structural materials used in construction must meet all the necessary quality benchmark, and this is ensured by the materials testing performed by our highly specialized manufacturers. Our experts are highly qualified and control the risks related to construction building through the examination of concrete, soils, reinforcing steel, earthworks, asphalt, masonry, roof materials, structural steel, and others.

    Our building materials undergo periodic evaluations to meet the standard. Our experts provide inspection and systemic testing to assure that all the construction materials submitted to the customers meet project specifications along with sustainability goals; hence the future repair and maintenance is reduced.


    The key to reliable construction is techniques, technologies, and most importantly building materials. We know the importance of quality building material in development to ensure durability, strength, and cost. Therefore, we have gathered top-notch manufacturers from all over the world to provide our customers with quality building materials ensuring the safety of construction projects. We provide excellent quality materials that are produced solidly; hence they offer better sound insulation property such as concrete compacted and well mixed, solid doors, and better ceiling or roof. 

    Quality materials are easy to install and need low maintenance. Construction materials provided by our manufacturers are made of quality components to resist moisture and do not emit poisonous substances as they have undergone laboratory testing.

    High-quality building materials like windows are essential when constructing buildings or homes. Ultraviolet light streaming into your home through windows can fade furniture and flooring. You can contact our manufacturers for energy-efficient windows to block out harmful rays and to prevent heat loss in winter and to keep the fresh air in, in the summer. We also provide good quality insulation products that will lower energy demands in cooling and heating systems. Choose our properly treated wood products for framing to prevent mold, fungus and pest infestations. Use of superior quality construction building materials protects your safety and health.


    When you begin your building project, you need to choose a reliable company for purchasing quality building materials. For your convenience, TradeWheel has converged first-class sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of construction and real estate materials, providing services both locally and internationally to the buyers. We offer a platform where you will find hundreds of wholesalers, so you can contact the one meeting your needs for bulk construction materials at a wholesale price. We also have manufacturers and suppliers of construction equipment, introduced to make your construction work quick, smooth as well as safe. We provide a chockfull range of construction and real estate materials and products so browse our website and purchase your favorites.

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