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High Quality Glass Flake Cement

MOQ500 5000
Lead Time15 - 25 Days

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PortChina Lead time15 - 25 Days
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1. Vinyl ester glass flake cement now has a part of vinyl ester glass flake cement is also used on the surface of steel structures, industrial equipment, and public facilities, mainly to prevent corrosion protection, now there are no manufacturers who choose to use vinyl ester glass flake cement, and played a good shielding effect. Because of its long-term moisture and heat resistance, this material has been widely used in various aspects. I believe that after reading the introduction, everyone has really known about vinyl ester glass flake cement so that you can buy the real suitable vinyl ester glass flake cement in a faster time.

2. Further are,

1. Good corrosion resistance, because the matrix resin used in glass flake cement is a high-performance vinyl resin, and vinyl resin has better high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance than epoxy resin.

2. Lower permeability, glass flake cement, coating, high water vapor resistance, 6-15 times higher than ordinary epoxy resin cement, coating, 4 times higher than ordinary epoxy FRP.  

3. Glass flake cement, with strong bonding strength, not easy to crack, delamination, delamination or peel. Good adhesion and impact strength, thus ensuring good corrosion resistance.

4. Good high-temperature resistance and impact resistance.

5. Good wear resistance, high hardness, and good wear resistance of glass flake cement after curing.

6. Easy construction, easy quality assurance, high solid content, construction up to 1-1.5mm, coating after several years of use, if there is damage, only need to do simple treatment, and sustainable use without affecting performance. Epoxy type glass flake cement manufacturers Glass flake cement (epoxy cement, epoxy asphalt cement, epoxy coal tar cement, epoxy mortar, epoxy asphalt mortar, vinyl ester cement, vinyl ester mortar, epoxy grout, cement-based grout); Glass flake cement coating (epoxy glass flake clay coating, epoxy asphalt glass flake clay coating, high and low temperature VEGF desulfurization flake clay coating, vinyl ester glass flake clay coating); Metal steel structure and concrete anti-corrosion coatings (high permeability modified epoxy-epoxy anti-corrosion coatings, acrylic anti-corrosion coatings, acrylic polyurethane anti-corrosion coatings, aliphatic polyurethane anti-corrosion coatings, fluorocarbon anti-corrosion coatings, cyanide waterproof anti-corrosion coatings, vinyl ester waterproof and anti-corrosion coatings); acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosion coatings, heavy anti-corrosion coatings; Bridge deck waterproof coating for road and bridge (polymer modified bitumen PBI, PBII, fiber reinforced, epoxy asphalt) - transparent waterproof materials (nano Pu/trace waterproof emulsion, DTF/trace waterproof and leakproof agent), polymer cement mortar (propylene milk, acrylate copolymer emulsion, polyacrylate emulsion, polymer waterproof mortar emulsion; cationic neoprene latex; epoxy emulsion); Building structural adhesive (carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber glue - impregnating glue - primer - leveling glue, adhesive steel glue, planting glue) and other related waterproof and anti-corrosion reinforcement materials. Genuine glass flake cement Shanghai glass flake anticorrosive cement technical indicators: paint film color.

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Main Raw Material:
Building Coating
Liquid Coating
Model Number:
Anti-corrosion paint
Product Name:
Epoxy Paint Glass Flake
Architectural paint
Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Prevention
Industrial Anticorrosive Paint
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