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Hydrochloric Acid Pickling

MOQ500 5000
Lead Time15 - 25 Days

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PortChina Lead time15 - 25 Days
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It greatly reduces the corrosion rate of metal under normal use, and has an excellent ability to inhibit hydrogen evolution of steel during pickling to avoid "hydrogen embrittlement" of steel, and at the same time inhibit the corrosion of Fe to metal during the pickling process, so that metal does not produce pore corrosion.
Main uses:

1. It can be used with various chemical cleaning acids to remove various types of dirt such as calcium carbonate type, iron oxide type, calcium sulfate type, mixed type, silicon type, etc.

2. It is suitable for pickling the connection structure of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals and their different materials.

3. All kinds of boilers, coolers, heaters, reactors, internal combustion engine cooling systems, receptacles, water supply and sewerage, air conditioning systems, and other equipment

4. Petroleum, chemical, machinery, power, post and telecommunications, transportation, light industry, culture and education, health, and service industries can be used.

The reagent used to slow down the corrosion of acid to the metal matrix during the metal pickling process Lan-826 pickling corrosion inhibitor is light yellow or light red liquid, stable performance, simple operation, small dosage, high efficiency, low cost, non-toxic and odorless, no pollution to the environment; The corrosion of the metal matrix is small, the corrosion inhibition rate is high, there is no acid mist in the process, and it is safe to use, especially to avoid the danger caused by the misuse of corrosion inhibitors. This product won the third class invention award of the State Science and Technology Commission and was listed as a national key scientific and technological achievements promotion project by the State Science and Technology Commission, is another international advanced technology after Lan-5 nitric acid pickling corrosion inhibitor technology, used to slow down the corrosion of acid to the metal matrix during the metal pickling process, and has a good corrosion inhibition effect in various chemical pickling processes.

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