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Vinyl Resin For General Purpose

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PortChina Lead time15 - 25 Days
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Vinyl Ester Resins is internationally recognized as a highly corrosion-resistant resin. Standard bisphenol A epoxy vinyl resin is a vinyl resin synthesized by the reaction of methacrylic acid and bisphenol A epoxy resin, soluble in styrene solution, this type of resin has the following characteristics:

1. The double bond at both ends of the molecular chain is extremely active, so that the vinyl resin can be cured quickly, and the strength of use is quickly obtained, and a polymer with high corrosion resistance is obtained.

2. Using methacrylic acid synthesis, the methyl group on the ester bond edge can play a protective role and improve hydrolysis resistance

3. The resin contains less ester bonds, and each molar is 35-50% less than chemical-resistant polyester (bisphenol A-fumarate UPR), which improves its alkali resistance

4. More secondary hydroxyl groups can improve the wettability and adhesion of glass fibers and improve the mechanical strength of laminated products

5. Because it is only crosslinked at both ends of the molecule.

Flame retardant vinyl resin is generally synthesized by brominated epoxy resin, because the resin contains bromine, so flame retardant vinyl resin can be flame retardant while having chemical resistance.

Place of origin: China
Other names: Vinyl Ester Resin

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