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Vinyl Ester Glass Flake Coating Floor Paint Manufacturer

MOQ500 5000
Lead Time15 - 25 Days

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PortChina Lead time15 - 25 Days
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Medium-temperature vinyl ester glass flake coating is a methacrylic vinyl resin as a film-forming substance, adding modified corrosion-resistant filler, glass flakes, special additives, initiators, accelerators, and other three-component anti-corrosion coatings made by grinding special dispersion processing. The glass flakes in the coating are arranged in parallel and overlapping in the coating, forming a layered barrier for the penetration of the corrosive medium, which can extend the path of the medium penetrating into the substrate and prevent the corrosive medium from directly penetrating the anti-corrosion layer, thereby playing a long-term protective role in the matrix.

Product characteristics:

1. The coating has excellent anti-corrosion performance, anti-permeation performance, corrosive sewage, strong acid, and strong alkali. Salt, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance;

2. The solid content of the coating is extremely high, and the application can reach 100-125mm at a time; Temperature resistance and chemical resistance are superior to epoxy resin coatings;

3. Convenient construction, easy quality assurance, and easy repair of defective parts; The protective life of the coating is more than 10 years.

4. The coating cures at room temperature, dries quickly, has good workability, and has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties and adhesion.

4. Scope of application:

1. It is suitable for petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, non-ferrous metallurgical plants, pulp mills, paper mills, chemical plants, waste incineration plants and other departments of the harsh environment flue gas desulfurization and smoke exhaust chimney device.

2. It is suitable for lining of various petroleum storage tanks, storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, various storage tanks, chemical reactions, mixing and separating towers, pipelines and other equipment lining anti-corrosion.

3. It is suitable for the anti-corrosion of concrete surface structures on the ground, wall, ceiling, drainage ditch and large wastewater pool, sewage treatment equipment, concrete pool, and storage tank, mariculture, and other places of chemical, pharmaceutical and food factories. IV. Product packaging Vinyl ester glass flake coating iron drum packaging, net weight of 20kg per barrel, initiator 10kg, accelerator 10kg V

5. Precautions:

1. Vinyl ester glass flake coating is a flammable item, which should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool place, and it is strictly forbidden to rain and expose to the fire source. Transportation should comply with the safety regulations for the transportation of flammable materials.

2. There is a risk of explosion when the initiator and the accelerator are mixed, pay attention to storing the initiator and accelerator separately; Direct mixing of initiators and accelerators is strictly prohibited.

3. During construction, the relative temperature of the air is greater than 80%, and the open-air construction of the anti-corrosion layer should be stopped under climate conditions such as rain, snow, and fog.

4. The storage period of vinyl ester glass flake coating is 3 months in summer and 4 months in winter, and if the product exceeds the storage period and is not agglomerate, the technical indicators can continue to be used after passing the inspection.

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