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When purchasing minerals and metals in bulk, it is imperative that you get the exact package that you ordered. Because certain minerals have specific characteristics which serve your needs, any mismatch could leave us in trouble!

Minerals and metals come in all sorts of shapes and forms. There are some metals that have to be mined from deep under the ground, making their more expensive than normal metals. And there are those metals that are easily found and sold at dirt cheap rates.

More on minerals and metallurgy used

One by one, let’s look at where minerals and metals are extracted from, where they are processed, where they are used and their different sectors. 

Extracted and processed in - Mining

Many minerals and metals are extracted and processed here, including coal, copper, nickel, precious metals, uranium, and rare earth elements.

Processed in -  The steel industry

This industry has mills that process iron and turn it into steel. This industry also incorporates facilities that manufacture metallurgical coke.

Used in - The Cement Industry

This industry uses a mix of minerals to make cement. It also has plants that make clinker.

Used in - The Glass industry

Extracted in - The smelting industry

Smelting means the process of extracting metal from its ore by using methods like heating and melting. This industry features copper, aluminum, and ferroalloys

The process of metal rolling and processing

This is another industry altogether; it includes the rolling of metals, then their processing. After the ore is processed it is finished and used in various sectors.

Used in -The industry of bricks 

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Correct product placement

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Purchasing steps for Minerals and Metallurgy

1- Go through our entire list of suppliers

2- Make your order, the more you purchase, the better

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