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FRP Cooling Towers

PackagingOEM and ODM
Lead Time10-15 days

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PortChina MOQ500
lead time10-15 days packagingOEM and ODM

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FRP cooling tower is composed of cooling tower body, fan assembly, motor assembly, deep water pan, splashing device, water distribution device, piping system, bracket, connection fasteners between supplied parts, sealing gasket and all necessary parts and materials.

  The ventilation cylinder is mostly a reinforced concrete hyperbolic rotating shell, which has good structural mechanics and hydrodynamic characteristics. The lower edge of the shell is supported on V- or X-shaped diagonal pillars at equal distances to form the air inlet of the cooling tower. The load of the shell is transferred to the foundation via the inclined pillars. The foundation is mostly made into an annular foundation with an inclined plane to withstand part of the ring tension transmitted by the inclined pillars, and can also be made into a separate single foundation or pile foundation.

The throat diameter of the ventilation cylinder is small, when the shell is calculated to be compressed and stable, the shell wall is thin, and the upward diameter gradually becomes larger to form the air flow outlet diffusion section, the top of the tower is provided with a rigid ring, and the throat is gradually expanded according to the hyperbolic shape, and the shell wall of the lower section is also thickened accordingly to form a lower ring beam with a certain rigidity. The ventilation cylinder can also be made into a truncated cone shell or a composite cone shell, or a polygonal tower with a steel frame covering wood or asbestos cement cladding board. In Germany, a 146-meter-high dry cooling tower at the nuclear power plant in Schmehausen uses a tower with a mesh cable structure and an aluminum sheath with an aluminum sheath, which has good seismic and wind resistance.

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