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For the past almost millennia, humans have relied on the use of machines to assist them on the path to overcome what is practically impossible. We have flown in the air, traveled a million miles, and traversed the bottom of the ocean, all thanks to machines.

The use of machinery in most tasks we overcome is indispensable. Today, man would be nothing without the use of machines. Alone, man is weak. However, with the help of computers, we can overcome what was once thought as impossible.

We can create electricity from waterfalls using dams. Send messages from one corner of the world to other using satellites. So much of our everyday life depends upon the use of machinery that in a life without them it would take us ten years to accomplish what we could within just a day using machines.

Heavy and delicate work is taken care of by machines flawlessly. Cranes are used for industrial action. They lift loads of a weight that can never be carried by a single man. Machines can produce silk as subtle and delicate as a spider’s web. Without the assistance of devices, these jobs can never be done.

Man can only do so much in a go, but machines can work forever. They also work with a speed unparalleled by man. Whereas a man can make only a few shirts per day, and package only a small amount of food in one go, machines can make thousands. Their speed and workforce are enviable. 

Along with doing faster work, machines also tend to do more accurate work than man ever can. No man can paint the same picture more than once without a few simple differences, but a machine can print several copies of the original image in just a few seconds. 

The value of machines are not lost on man, and this is their bulk supply is so much in demand these days. 

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