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EPS Fully Automatic Intermittent Pre- foaming Machine

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MaterialSteel UsagePlastic Products
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The machine adopts PLC full computer touch display screen control, which realizes the automatic cycle operation of the whole process of feeding, steam supply, temperature control, foaming and discharging, and quantitatively compresses and feeds, which is accurate and fast.The machine adopts a fully enclosed stainless steel barrel for constant pressure foaming, which has high thermal efficiency, saves steam, shortens the curing process, and has a high foaming rate.The machine adopts famous brand high-quality pneumatic components, reliable quality, easy operation, to ensure accurate control of temperature, so that the foamed beads have uniform density.Made of stainless steel plate, good structure, easy maintenance, adjust the feed to achieve the required particle capacity. The 150 type can be foamed for primary and secondary foaming respectively. Before the EPS product is formed, it needs to go through the pre-release stage, so that the bulk density of the molded product can be better controlled in a lower range. Pre-molding reduces the density gradient during molding, allowing for uniform expansion molding. In the pre-release process, the beads containing the foaming agent are slowly heated to more than 90 °C and begin to soften, and the foaming agent in the beads is heated and vaporized to generate pressure to make the beads expand, and form complementary and connected bubbles (closed cells), the diameter of the bubbles after pre-release is about 80~150μm, there are about 0~550,000 small bubbles per cubic centimeter, and the thickness of the bubble wall is only 1~2μm. At the same time, the vapor also penetrates into the bubble hole that has been expanded, and when heating, the foaming agent can also seep out from the beads, so when pre-issued, the rate of vapor penetrating into the bubble hole should exceed the rate of the foaming agent seeping out from the bubble hole, so that the vast majority of the foaming gas stays in the bubble hole, so that the total pressure in the bubble hole increases, the foaming agent does not have time to escape in the bubble hole, the polymer is drawn in a rubber state, and its strength is enough to balance the internal pressure, so that the beads are pre-formed, the polymer is extended, and the beads are pre-expanded. The main function of the machine is to pre-send EPS raw materials, and the machine adopts all well-known brand accessories at home and abroad to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine. The barrel body and bottom of the barrel are made of high-quality stainless steel materials to ensure the service life of the machine. The international famous brand pressure reducing valve and proportional control valve are selected to make the foaming rate more stable and energy-saving. The machine can realize the convenient conversion of the first and second pre-hair, so that one equipment can pre-send the raw materials for many times, and the density of the raw materials can be 5~30KG/m³. Technical parameters Item Unit PSF140 Type I (1st & 2nd) Barrel diameter mm 1400 Effective volume m3 3.1 Vapor pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8 Air pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8 Foaming density kg/m3 4.5-40 Production capacity kg/h 400-800 Installed power kw 16 Dimensions mm 3800×2150×2950 The weight of the whole machine is kg 1700 Serial No. Name Specification Model Unit Quantity Material Origin Remarks 1 cylinder 1500*2000pcs 1 Q235B Shijiazhuang 2 spindle 2850*890 1 Q235B Tianjin Zhengda 3 bearings 5109*3209 pcs 2 high temperature resistant Shijiazhuang 4 pressure bearings 6210 pcs 1 high temperature resistant Shijiazhuang 5 flange 3/4/5/6 pcs 14 Q235B Shijiazhuang 6 motors 7.5KW pcs 1 copper wire package Shijiazhuang 7 reducers 135 pcs 1 cast iron Shijiazhuang 8 platforms 2000*1510 1 Q235B Handan 9 platform bracket square table 80*100 pcs 1 Q235B Tianjin 10 Feed Fan 3.0KW pcs 1 Copper Wire Pack Shijiazhuang 11 Auxiliary hair dryer 1.1KW pcs 1 copper wire pack Shijiazhuang 12 pneumatic butterfly valves 3/4/5/6 pcs 5 stainless steel Zhejiang 13 Angle Seat Valve 4/1.2/1 4 Stainless Steel Zhejiang 14 Steam seamless pipe 1.2/1 m 8 Q235B Hengshui Jinghua 15 Metering tank 8 inch*40cm pcs 1 Q235B Shijiazhuang 16 Feed hopper 850*650*1150 pcs 1 Q235B Shijiazhuang 17 manholes 480*480pcs 1 Q235B Shijiazhuang 18 automatic discharge door 560*370 pcs 1 Q235B Tianjin 19 cylinders 540*140 pcs 1 stainless steel Zhejiang 20 Oil-Water Separator 4-Minute Type 1 Aluminum/Stainless Steel Zhejiang 21 Air chamber floor 1400*1400 1 Q235B Shijiazhuang 22 Pressure Sensor 0--0.25 2 Stainless Steel Zhejiang 23 Temperature Sensor 0-160 degrees pcs 1 stainless steel Hengshui 24 Pressure Relief Device 3 inch/4 inch m 3 Q235B Shijiazhuang 25 PLC XC1-32 units 1 relay Wuxi Xinjie 26 touch screens, TK6070I units, 1 touch type Nanjing Vilun 27 Electrical components Delixi Zhejiang 28 automatic control cabinet 900*600 sets 1 baking paint Qingxian 3. Equipment introduction: The cylinder is made of high-quality steel plate, with strict structure and convenient maintenance. The machine adopts PLC full computer control, which realizes the automatic cycle operation of feeding, air supply, temperature control, foaming and discharging, and the quantitative air pressure feeding is accurate and rapid. The machine adopts brand-name high-quality pneumatic components, reliable quality, easy operation, to ensure accurate control of temperature and pressure, so that the foamed beads and density are uniform. The machine control cabinet is made of baking paint, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. The main board of the electric box is all made of Delixi high-quality electrical materials, which is safe to use and rest assured.

Xinji Detai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Xinji City, Hebei Province, China.


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