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EPS automatic molding machine

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MaterialSteel UsageMolding of Steel
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EPS product molding is roughly divided into two categories, one is the use of plate forming machine to produce large-volume rectangular foam products, cut into plates, used as building insulation and decoration materials, municipal engineering, etc. The other category is foam boxes, packing boxes, etc. Although packaging products and plate products are different in terms of density and application, their molding machine mechanism is the same, that is, the maturation of expandable polystyrene beads fill the closed cavity, in a relatively short period of time the hot steam through the pores of the wall directly into the cavity, when heating, the foaming agent remaining in the EPS beads volatilizes, the beads are softened and expanded by heating, due to the limitation of the cavity, the expanded beads can fill all the voids, completely bonded as a whole, after cooling and shaping, the demoulding is foam plastic products. The molding of the product consists of two stages: steam heating and cooling and shaping. The pre-haired beads are heated by steam, and in about 20~60s of time, the air does not have time to escape, and the pressure generated by the heated expansion, at this time, the polymer is softened, and the pressure generated after the vaporization of the foaming agent, the beads expand again, and swell the bead gap and form a whole piece, form the foam plastic products with the same shape as the mold cavity, and make it shaped after cooling. The steel of the whole machine is made of well-known steel products, and the steam pipelines are all made of seamless steel pipes and aged, so that the equipment is safer and has a longer service life. The electric control part of the selection of well-known brands of electrical components at home and abroad, the combination of PLC and man-machine interface makes the operation more simple and accurate. Introduction of benzene board equipmentThe machine is welded by high-quality section steel, and has undergone aging heat treatment, so that the machine has high strength, no deformation, and can withstand the expansion force of high-density products.The machine adopts PLC full computer touch display screen control, so that the machine can open the mold, close the mold, feed, heat, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, and remove the mold to eject the finished product, so as to achieve automatic cycle operation.The surface of the machine cavity is made of special aluminum alloy plate, which has high heat conduction efficiency, good tensile strength and long life.The machine adopts foreign advanced and unique penetration heating molding process, and sets up high-pressure induced air suction, cooling, strong penetration, good adhesion, less steam, fast molding, low water content, to ensure that the product is consistent inside and outside. Technical parameters Item Unit PSB-Q240 Net size in cavity mm 2450×5530 Cavity volume m3 Product density specific gravity kg/m3 4.5-30 Production efficiency (standard conditions) Piece/h 4-8 Vapor pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8 Compressed air inlet diameter mm 65 Steam inlet diameter mm 100 Power supply V 380 Power kW 7 Sheet metal machine configuration table Serial number, name, specification model, unit Quantity Material Origin Remarks 1 Main square tube 150*200 Q235B Tianjin Yuantai 2 Auxiliary Square Tube 100*200 Q235B Tianjin Yuantai 80*180 Q235B Tianjin Yuantai 80*100 Q235B Tianjin Yuantai 100*100 Q235B Tianjin Yuantai 3 Gas Interior Plate 6 Q235B Handan Iron and Steel 4 Gas Interior Plate 4 Shijiazhuang 5 Feed Gun Type 100 Root Copper/Aluminum Zhejiang 6 Steam seamless pipe 8 inch/6 inch/5 inch m 1/8/10 Q235B Hengshui Jinghua 7 Induced air pressure relief pipe 4 inch m 1 Q235B Hengshui Jinghua 8 Safety valve 9 Hydraulic pump 5.5KW pcs 1 copper wire package Shijiazhuang 10 Hydraulic cylinders 700/140/550 pcs 4/1/2 steel pipes Shijiazhuang 11 Pneumatic butterfly valve 6/5/4 pcs 13 stainless steel Zhejiang 12 steam resident valve 5 inch pcs 1 Fujiao Zhejiang 13 Oil-water separator 1 inch 1 plastic Zhejiang 14 Two-position five-way solenoid valve K125 1 Aluminum alloy Zhejiang 15 Aluminum plate stable nail M6* 680 stainless steel Shijiazhuang 16 PLC Xc2-60 pcs 1 relay Wuxi Xinjie 17 touch screen TK6070i pcs 1 touch type Nanjing Vilun 18 electrical components Delixi Zhejiang 19 high pressure tubing 4 min m wire Shijiazhuang 20 Induced draft fan 7.5KW pcs 1 copper wire pack Shijiazhuang 21 material guide machine 4.0KW pcs 1 copper wire pack Shijiazhuang 22 Electric contact pressure gauge 1.6 MPa pcs 3 copper core Huai'an 23 High pressure air hose 0.8*1.2 m 200 PU Zhejiang Equipment introduction: It adopts the domestic advanced EPS penetrating heating process, which has the characteristics of strong penetrating ability, good bonding performance, low gas consumption and low water content. It adopts advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components, and uses computer program control, which has reliable performance and convenient maintenance, and realizes fully automatic cycle operation.
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