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"SS30 mini Tear Drop 5.5Inch" Japanese-Handmade Thinning Hair Scissors (Your Name by Silk printing, FREE of charge)

FOB Price 650 - 850 USD / per piece
MOQ1 piece
PortTokyo, Japan
Lead TimeAbout 1 month

Product Details

Steel Material : Alloy
Blade Direction : Orthodox
Percentage of Cuts : about 25%
Number of Blades : Straight 30 blades
Handle Type : Offset Tear Drop
Connecting Screw : Plate
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*About the features of our Professional Scissors
1: Material
Unlike general stainless steel, it contains ultra-hard fine-grained material, which is a special element.
In addition, it is hard to rust by containing chromium (Cr).
2. Heat treatment (the most important process)
We use a vacuum heat treatment furnace that is also used in airplane jet engines.
After heat treatment evenly, it is rapidly cooled using liquefied nitrogen (Deep Cooling Treatment) to enhance durability.
3. To Put the edge on Blade
Our craftsmen manufacture all the processes by hand one by one.
"Square Scissors" have a streamlined blade (Clam or Sword blade) that has been put the edge on blade in micro units to bring out its true sharpness.
And, "Thinning Scissors" have a unique special polishing process on all-each comb edges to improve the feeling of thinning.
4. Special Order
We can customise it as adding Special Accessories etc..
(Reference Additional Price for customising;)
*300USD = Special Silver Accesories(Dragon, Clover, Ladybug, Flog, Maple, Skull) on the handle
5. Carving your name on the blade.
It's Free. Please order it to us if you need.
In addition, we can create KANJI(Chinese character) Name just only for you.
For example, if your name is Michael, we offer you as "舞蹴流(Dance like kicking)"
Please tell us your request.
6. Daily maintenance and handling
(1) Remove the dirt with a dry cloth. (If perm solution etc. on it, wash it with water and wipe it well.)
(2) Apply oil to the adherent point (screw part) of the blade and the blade line.
(3) Wipe off the oil with a dry cloth.
(4) The scissor screws may come loose. Please use it after tightening it with the attached screwdriver etc. before use. Be careful not to loosen the screws too much. It may not be possible to make a good cut and it may cause chipping.
7. After-sales service
We can repair any of our products in any condition.
In most cases, even other companies' products can be repaired, so please contact us once.
At our company, all the blades are hand-polished one by one.
* Please contact us for the period and the cost required for repairs without hesitation.
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