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Beauty & Personal Care


With the mention of beauty and personal care, the canvas of our minds paints the picture of tons of eye-catching makeup palettes and kits, appealing and bright lip color shades, bold and muted hues, soothing and luxurious moisturizers plus shampoos, and a whole world immersed in refreshing scents of perfumes! Beauty products bespeak the desire for beauty by the current canon further emphasizing appeal and attraction. The beauty and personal care industries are colossally generating a worldwide amount of more than $300 billion in annual retail sales and in recent times have expanded to cater to the needs of men as well. Brimming with viable options in the form of hair care, tools and accessories, skin care products, deodorant, shaving creams, razors, soaps, nail products, and perfumes and colognes; the personal care products never cease to perform an integral role in the maintenance and grooming of one's personality.


From a global perspective, the beauty and personal care market is bursting with unique, variable products and is driven by an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and the development of new technologies. Innovation is thus extremely crucial to the successful development of new cosmetics products, the kind of products that are safe, compliant and effective; striving to meet the demands of the consumer. The idea can be propagated on a larger scale with the linkage and assimilation of other manufacturers and suppliers affiliated to the same line of work- the reason why TradeWheel has its doors open to gather all the top rate suppliers, manufacturers, and purchasers, acting as one converging point. Our promise of diversity stems from our comprehensive collection and exclusive range of various beauty products- all at one place! Whether you are in need to find men’s grooming supplies or a complete package of wedding-ready essentials, our assortment of beauty products features a browsable and convenient selection of everything at a sale by renowned brands, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers.


Collaborating with TradeWheel brightens up your chances to mark massive progress in terms of business success and growth, providing you with numerous benefits.

• Speedy and secure communication

With our reliable and active network, TradeWheel is the only platform creating a confident and safe source of connections, so buyers and sellers negotiate without any threat of fraud or betrayal.

• Widespread international access

Brands, producers, and consumers get to speed up their worldwide business growth by being a part of TradeWheel due to the unbridled stretch of our reach spanning across the entire globe. This international exposure would prove to be beneficial for your business by augmenting the opportunities of receiving more offers and demands.

Debunking the Myth of “Quality is Costly”

Through optimizing quality and safety of your supply chain, TradeWheel not only helps in reducing your substantial commercial costs but through amassing a plethora of beauty and personal care products suitable for each, we also guarantee excellent quality at minimal charges. Deliverance of quality products with no costly tags is just one click away!


Waiting is no more an option! Subscribe to our website now and gear up for shopping in bulk with added benefits of generating remarkable profits for the propagation of your business. TradeWheel provides a comprehensive range of services for beauty and personal care products to ensure safety, quality, efficacy and regulatory compliance. Whether you are a global beauty products manufacturer, an internationally well-known brand, a world class importer or a retailer or buying beauty and personal care products, the product’s quality, safety and quality are vital.

The beauty and personal care industry is determined by a constantly evolving adjusting scene and the development of new techniques. Innovation is crucial to the successful inauguration of new cosmetics products. With the discovery of latest ingredients and cosmetic compounds, the industry is continually challenged to produce safe, effective and regulated products that meet the requirements of both legislation and consumers.

Registering with will help your brand to produce and speed up their international evolution, boost the quality and security of their supply chain and reduce total incurring costs. We have a vast experience of more than 30 years’ and knowledge of providing safety and cost effective services across the aspects of the beauty and personal care industry. Our B2B services range from research and development and scientific developmental support to new product and notification, manufacturing and ongoing support.


We deliver logical support for formulators, quality control, and initial product interplay from our scientific laboratories. We also make availability of human trials possible for safety and health issues, claim substantiation from our clinical study center, and toxicological assessment from our network of toxicologists from renowned institutions and establishment. We can also support the due health of materials used in primary packaging.


We offer quality assessment, testing and inclusive GMP services to manufacturing sites to be ready for the implementation of the worldwide regulations of Cosmetic and the worldwide cosmetic regulation. This includes security analysis, training, expert consultancy, Learning tools and self-evaluation kits. In addition, the scientific support of TradeWheel services help with contamination investigations and product scale-up questions and challenges.


The global network of cosmetic and beauty care manufacturers of TradeWheel can perform audits of the raw material used in manufacturing and product packaging suppliers with seasonal experts. Inspection and testing of materials are performed on the spot before shipment to reduce risks and the unnecessary incursion of cost.

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