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Large industrial centrifugal ventilation blower

FOB Price 600 - 30000 USD / 1
Quantity 1 - 999
PackagingComposite wooden box

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Product Details

4-72 centrifugal fan

The 4-72 centrifugal fan is a common exhaust fan product. Due to its high efficiency, it is widely used in industrial and mining factories, civil buildings, large public buildings, power plants, and other places. It can also be used as a supporting equipment for air treatment facilities and hot air circulation facilities. It is divided into three types: 4-72-A and 4-72-C, and 4-72-D.

Environmental conditions for use

1. Requirements for medium to be transported: The medium to be transported should be air or gas that is non corrosive, non flammable and explosive, and does not contain viscous substances. The content of dust and hard particles in the gas should not exceed 150mg/m.

2. Temperature of medium conveyed: The temperature of the medium conveyed by the standard fan shall not exceed 80 ℃. When adding a heat dissipation wheel, the fan can transport medium below 200 ℃ for a long time.

3. It is not allowed to use suction in a completely enclosed space without air flow, as negative pressure will form and increase the motor load.


1. The ventilation effect is good, and the 4-72 centrifugal fan has good ventilation effect, making it very suitable for pipeline ventilation or air supply;

2. Strong applicability, 4-72 centrifugal fans are commonly used in pipeline air conveying fans, and can be used in non corrosive, flammable and explosive gas areas.

3. Low noise, the 4-72 centrifugal fan is designed with a reasonable impeller angle based on aerodynamics, and operates without any mechanical friction. The reasonable blade shape minimizes noise; The noise generated by 4-72 centrifugal fans is high-frequency noise, which can be soundproofed as long as there are obstacles.

4. Smooth operation, optimized impeller design reduces axial force to the minimum, and has efficient impeller, which is calibrated through static and dynamic balance to ensure smooth operation of the entire machine. Without any vibration reduction device, the bearing amplitude is relatively small.

5. Less maintenance, as its impeller adopts a backward tilt type and is not easy to adhere to media such as dust, the motor adopts imported bearings.

6. Easy maintenance, some models can be equipped with cleaning doors, without the need to disassemble the machine for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort.

7. Durable and sturdy, the casing and impeller are made of high-quality steel plates, making the fan more sturdy. The surface of the entire machine is sprayed with paint, which has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to rust.

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