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E-glass Spray Up Roving Fiberglass Yarn ER13-2400-180

MOQ500 units
Lead Time15-25-35 days

Product Details

E-glass Spray Up Roving, Fiberglass Gun Roving


Assemble roving is for spray up process with excellent performance, coated with silicone alkyl infiltrating agent.

It is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and polyurethane resins.

Fiberglass Spray Up Rovings assembled are typically used to produce FRP boat hulls, sanitary ware, and pipes.

Also used in automotive parts and cooling towers.


1. Good antistatic property

2. Excellent choppability and dispersibility

3. Excellent stick mold, small angle no rebound

4. Excellent impregnation, easy for removing bubbles with rollers

5. Excellent finished product strength


Silane fiber is not like traditional fibers. It is made of glass or synthetic resin. When heated to a certain temperature, it releases a lot of tiny particles and forms a continuous fiber. This process is called sintering. These particles have good adhesive force. They are used in many industries such as medical, aviation, and automotive.

1. Material: e-glass, high temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature.

2. High quality, no breakage, no splashing.

3. High density, large amount of fibers.

4. Excellent dispersion, even distribution, good flow ability under mold press.

5. Fast and complete wet-out.

6. Low static, no fuzz.

7. Good abrasion resistance.

8. Highly elasticity.

9. The most suitable material for processing plastic film.

10. The most suitable material for cutting the edge of textile and leather.

11. Good electric conductivity.

12. Good heat resistance.

13. Non-toxic, no harm to human body.

14. Widely used in various industries, such as textiles, printing, rubber, plastics, electronics, etc.

RX Fiber Glass

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