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[Dearsnow] Healthybeauty Co.,Ltd MY Calming Touch Pad

FOB Price 5.3 - 6.19 USD / (1pcs)
Quantity 100 - 1000
Price $5.3~$6.19
MOQ100 ea
Lead Time7days

Product Details

- Composition: 160ml / 70ea
- Net Weight: 299g
- Gross Weight: 321g
- Key feature :

1. Lightly acidic Heartleaf Soothing Pad for Stimulated Skin

51,000ppm of Eoseongcho extract and "Calming Formula DS"*

It quickly soothes irritated sensitive skin.

** Camming Formula DS: Peony Root Extract, Matricaria Flower Extract, Honey Circle Extract

2.Mild daily exfoliation care & sebum care in pores

After the PHA-based gluconolactone component gently removes dead skin cells, the anti-sebum P component takes care of sebum in the pores.

** Anti-sebum P: Moonflower, elm root, arrowroot root, giant pine leaf extract

3.Soft Embo Fabric" pad with a lot of essence

The fabric with excellent impregnation can be used with sufficient amount of essence, which also has a good calming effect.

- How to use it by case
· Skin trouble: Use as an emergency prescription for skin soothing
· Soothing Masks: Intensive Care by placing them on areas needed for soothing and hydration
· Skin care after vacation: UV-stressed skin care
· Touch up makeup: Wipe off your makeup easily to clean up your skin

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