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Base station baseband BBU3900 3910 UBBPE4 for HUAWEI

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BTS Stock
Brand New Six Month

huawei bts equipment


zte bts equipment

Product Description:

Abbreviation Full Name
3GPP 3rdGeneration Partnership Project
3m Multi-carrier, Multi-mode, and MIMO
AC Alternating Current
APM Advanced Power Module
BBU Baseband Unit
BTS Base Transceiver Station
CCU Cabinet Control Unit
CMUA Central Monitoring Unit Type A
CMUE Central Monitoring Unit Type E
CPRI Common Public Radio Interface
CRFUd CDMA Radio Frequency Unit Type D
DBS Distribution Base Station
DC Direct Current
DCDU Direct Current Distribution Unit
E-UTRAN Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
EMUA Environment Monitoring UnitType A
eNodeB E-UTRAN NodeB
EPS Embedded Power Supply System
EPU Embedded Power subrack Unit
ETP Embedded Telecommunication Power
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
FDD Frequency Division Duplex
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GUI Graphical UserInterface
HAU Heater Assembly Unit
HEX Heat EXchanger
IBBS Integrated Backup Battery System
ICR Indoor CentralizedRack
IMB Indoor Mini Box
LBBP LTE Baseband Processing Unit
LMT Local Maintenance Terminal
LRFU LTE Radio Frequency Unit
LRFUe LTE Radio Frequency Unit Type E
LTE Long Term Evolution
MIMO Multi-Input and Multi-Output
MME Mobility Management Entity
MML ManMachine Language
MRFU Multi-Mode Radio Frequency Unit
MRFUd Multi-Mode Radio Frequency Unit Type D
OMB Outdoor Mini Box
PDU Power Distribution Unit
PMU Power Monitoring Unit
PSU Power Supply Unit
RF Radio Frequency
RFC Radio Frequency Cabinet
RFU Radio Frequency Unit
RH Relative Humidity
RRU Remote Radio Unit
S-GW Serving GateWay
SLPU Signal Lightning Protection Unit
SDR Software-Defined Radio
TCO TotalCostofOwnership
TEC Thermoelectric Cooling Unit
TMC Transmission Cabinet
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
USB Universal Serial Bus
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network

Product Details:

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Company Introduction

Xingheda has been established for more than four years. We mainly sell new or old communication equipment. We have strong inventory and strong suppliers. We can provide you with high quality price and after-sales service. Welcome to cooperate with Telecom Construction Group, Communications Equipment Trading Company and individuals.

Xingheda is a supplier of communications products for Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel Lucent and other companies. As a second-hand Telecom partner recognized by hundreds of service providers around the world, you can rely on Xingheda to help you expand and maintain the network at a cheaper and faster speed. We only purchase the best quality green market equipment at the best possible market price, and deliver considerable cost-effectiveness directly to our customers. If you have any product requirements, please send us an email or call us, and we will serve you whole heart.

Xingheda Supply´s service includes:
Cost-effective equipment
Faster delivery
worldwide shipping
Alternative supply
Sample service
Test and warranty


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