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  • Danyang, Jiangsu Province
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Hebei Anping Fengling Wire Mesh Products Co. LTD.

  • Anping, Hebei
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Wuxi Changdeli Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu Sheng
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Shandong Tongguang Chemical Fiber Rope Net Co., Ltd.

  • Binzhou, Shandong
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Jiangxi Interchange Valve Fittings

  • Wenzhou, Zhejiang
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    Explore the Best Wholesale Hardware Supplies at Affordable Rates:

    The remarkable advancements in the construction technologies and the rampant industrialization and construction in every part of the globe are nothing less than a desideratum for all the actors involved in the trade of hardware. With more and more buildings being constructed every day, the growing demand for hardware equipment is a phenomenon that is expected to only bolster in the coming decades., as one of the most reliable hardware wholesalers directory, now gives international hardware suppliers and distributors the chance to align with its network with just a click from their workstations.

    Strengthen Your Business Foundations by Procuring Highest Quality Hardware:

    As a leader in the corporate trade industry, makes sure that all its purchasers get their requisitions catered in the best manner possible. Not only our platform connects global hardware companies to the importers from every part of the globe, but it also assures that the customers get to interact with a highly-user friendly interface and a team of professionals that is always ready to assist them. 

    Moreover, being familiar with the very fact that the demand, as well as supply for hardware, has increased,, unlike its counterparts, assures that every customer will get their orders right on time. So our customers won’t experience any tailbacks in their channel of supplies. 

    Furthermore, since connects a wide number of suppliers, a significant advantage that the purchasers at this platform secure, is the availability of a popular collection of hardware to choose from. Navigating through the channel, the customers at this segment can procure the most robust nails, hangers, springs, brackets, chains, fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, and numerous other hardware supplies at the most economical rates. 

    Supply to Meet the Growing International Demand of Hardware Industry:

    The constant increase in the demand for hardware is a worldwide occurrence. As the demand has increased, numerous markets have become concentrated due to a profusion of suppliers in particular areas. 

    However, with by your side, this is something you need not worry about. As the platform`s reach is simply unrestrained, gives every supplier of hardware the opportunity to join its network of professionals and supply their offerings to every part of the globe without any limits. All this can be done by simply signing up as a user at our platform. So join the TradeWheel family today and experience exceptional demand for your products in the international market. 

    Global Hardware Industry:

    The worldwide hardware market is forecasted to grow further in the coming decade. Hardware Industry includes all the metal hardware fasteners, specifically Anchors, Bolts, Nails, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, Washers, and etc. These gadgets are used to maintain a grip on materials engaged in construction, architectural, and repair works. Wood, steel, and other different metals also have been employed in the production of the fasteners. These fasteners are available with varying diameters and lengths of various measurements for different regions, for instance, inches for the United States, and millimeters for Germany. Over the years, multiple countries have taken center stage in the manufacturing of fasteners, including Germany, China, Japan, and etc. Both local and international factors contribute to the economy of the industry.

    The Top Three Exporters of Hardware Fasteners:


    Germany, with the annual export value of $5.43B, secure the top position in manufacturing and supplying the world with quality hardware fasteners. Contributing 19% to the world’s fastener production across the globe. When talking about iron fasteners precisely, Germany accounts for 40% of the world’s iron fasteners.


    Being credited with the second position in exporting hardware fasteners with a value of $4.53B. The country is accounted for 16% of the world’s hardware production. China produces and supplies a diversified range of fasteners to the industry.

    The United States 

    Being the superpower in manufacturing, it also has high stakes in exporting hardware. 14% of the world’s hardware manufacturers are associated with the US, with a corresponding export value of $4.06B. The major importers for the US made fasteners are the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, etc.

    Expand Your Online Business with Us: showcases a diverse and comprehensive collection of hardware that can be further divided into various categories. At our platform, the available products are being offered at wholesale prices, and the manufactures exhibit various deals to allow buyers to enjoy additional discounts.

    It is the ideal online trading website for all wholesale trading operations. We invite all the international hardware suppliers and exporters to join hands with us and get the opportunity to attract global customers for their business. Our objective is to bring fluency to your online business by sourcing a plethora of customers for you. We allow our clients the flexibility to post buying inquiries and quote the price directly to the suppliers. Get on board with us and enjoy trading in a convenient manner.  

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