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Gifts are a way to show someone that you care about them. If you gave someone a hundred dollars, they would be happy, and they’d thank you. However, if you went out of your way and bought for them a gift which was worth the same - just a hundred dollars, it would mean so much more!

It would show that you thought about their needs and likes and hobbies before you purchased a gift for them. Also, it would show that you invested time, thinking about what they wanted. So in the end, the smile that that gift would bring would be ‘way more genuine’ than if you gave the person a bundle of cash.

The World of Crafts

Crafts are another world altogether. They are full of paint, beads, pebbles, chic, wood and glue. Nowadays, as everything is becoming tech-oriented, and taking a step back into arts and crafts lets us appreciate the little things in life!

Like how a stack of ice cream sticks can make a cute miniature hut, or how you could make a beautiful coaster as a table protector by stringing a set of beads together in a maze-like circle! Crafts let us interact with the world with our raw senses. You get your hands dirty again and feel the earth, and you can get away from the disconnect that technology has brought, and you can be one with the world: you, your raw senses and your crafts.

With time, crafts are gaining more and more popularity. DIY videos are heavily watched on YouTube and Facebook. People are left fascinated by what we humans could do with a set of meager household items - albeit we usually watch the videos, being reluctant to do any work ourselves; but it is nevertheless fun to watch!

Touching Base - Get What You Want 

If you are looking for gift supplies in bulk, we are what you want. Moreover, if you are looking for crafts and their suppliers - we are the platform that you’ve been looking for. TradeWheel is a platform where bulk suppliers and wholesale distributors set up camp to sell their items. We have all sorts of things available in bulk at wholesale rates.

In your case, we have just the sort of gifts and crafts that you require for your business. Our stock is vast and comprehensive. We have a large number of distributors, conveniently located both internationally and close to your locality.

A trustworthy source

When buying gifts, you sometimes are not sure that the pictures of the products are of the actual product. They might be of another product, or they may be photoshopped to look more vibrant and appealing. You do not need to worry about that here!

Here at TradeWheel, we make sure that every single product that is sold in bulk truly matches its assigned picture. You pay, and then you get what you paid for.

So begin! Please browse through our list of gifts and crafts suppliers and choose the one you like. Hit order and enter the wholesale experience!