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Life nowadays has become very fast. We can move to places in a matter of hours which previously had years of journey in the past. Yes! You got us right! We are talking about transportation, becoming a basic necessity. In the 70s and 80s most of us had to rely on either walking to a place via foot, or riding on an animal for transportation. We also had to keep a sharp eye on weather conditions, climate, etc. but all of this is history now.

Transportation industry got its gold when the discovery of “wheels” were made. Wheels are the basic components which made the base of future invention in transportation. Currently if we look around us we have advanced and very sophisticated means of transportation. Transportation not only includes humans travelling from one place to another, it also means moving of goods from one place to another. Earth has a huge base, hence the magnitude of opportunities are different in different parts of the world – also, with the diversity in climates and landscapes transportation has become a part of our daily lives.

Quality of transportation depends upon comfort, speed and safety. Different companies around the world are offering different means of transportation; like some by road, air and sea and with the best quality of services too. Our World is now in the hands of transportation companies as they optimise our traffic and all of our goods - like if we need to go to our office we’ll need to move using our car or a taxi service of another company. We get our food delivered from the restaurant piping hot, using transportation only. Mind blowing fact: worlds 70% oil is imported from the Arab countries by means of large oil tankers; again, as the mode of transportation.

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