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  • FOB Price: 237 - 237 USD / Tons
  • Place of Origin Kazakhstan
  • Brand Name M -100


  • Country/Region: Kazakhstan
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Association
  • Employee Count: Above 1000 People

Petrochemical Products Obtained from Petroleum Are Available On TradeWheel

Petrochemicals are the products made from petroleum which is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that occur in liquid, solid or gaseous form in Earth is petroleum. However, the term is restricted to the liquid form commonly called crude oil but it also includes the viscous or solid form known as bitumen and natural gas. The gaseous and liquid phases of petroleum constitute the most important of the fossil fuels. By the extraction of crude oil petroleum products are obtained which are then used to make petrochemical products.

Petroleum products used in producing petrochemicals are gasoline, fuel, and oil. The fuel can be blended to give diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, gasoline, and heavier fuel oils. TradeWheel has sellers, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of petrochemical products. Petrochemicals such as methane used as a fuel, ethylene used to make plastics and films, propylene makes a plastic polymer, butanes used in industry as fuel and benzene, toluene, and xylene are a major part of gasoline, are available on TradeWheel.

Petrochemical products provided by our b2b company have a major role in medicine as they are used to create resins, plastics, and films. Cumene and phenol are used to create a substance essential for manufacturing penicillin and aspirin. Resins made from petrochemicals are used in the manufacture of drugs including the treatment for arthritis, cancer, and AIDS. It purifies the drugs, thus speeding the manufacturing process and cutting costs of drugs. Resins and plastics made with petrochemicals are used to make devices such as artificial skin and limbs. Plastics make a huge range of medical equipment including disposable syringes, bottles, and much more.

Choose our petrochemical products for food used as preservatives keeping the food fresh in a can or on the shelf. Our petrochemical products are used to make plastics, synthetic rubber, fibers, and films so used in a bewildering array of household products including detergents, carpeting, wax, safety glass, and much more. In a nutshell, we have a variety of petrochemical products having a wide range of applications so browse our website and purchase our products.