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Seaweed jelly for improve gastrointestinal metabolism function and constipation condition

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seaweed jelly

Easylife Seaweed Jelly can remarkably accelerate the intestinal gurgling, improve gastrointestinal metabolism function and constipation condition, suppress intestinal harmful bacteria breeding, reduce intestinal toxin and cancerogen sedimenting.
Remove vivotoxin, metabolize unnecessary lipid, and reduce blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Equipped with health preservation efficacy of nourishing skin, removing acne and fading stains, controlling weight, alleviating the three-hyper-disease (hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycaemia).

No Side Effects Functional Foods

· Gently accelerate the intestinal gurgling, improve the balance of intestinal bacteria community and effectively discharge the toxin in the body.

· Rapid reaction time, there is defecation reaction after 6-8 hours of medication, it exercises the intestinal tracts.

· Raw materials come from natural plants, beneficial ingredients are purified by advanced biological extraction technology. No addition of any western medicine and laxative, the homology of medicine and foods is truly fulfilled.

· Sour and sweet taste and superb flavor will accompany you enjoying the beauty of life.

· Convenient for usage, open-up and enjoy. You can have it whenever and wherever possible during leisure time, traveling, at work and study.

· Has been sterilized by high temperature radiation, produced in pharmaceutical dust-free workshop, safe and without side effects, suitable for long term consumption.

Produce Relieve Constipation Herbal Product: Easylife

seaweed jelly

Improve Constipation

Once per day and 1-2 bars for each time of consumption during the first week; once per day and one bar each time after normal defecation, consume before sleep, 2-3 months is the recommended optimal regulating period. Advice: drink more warm water, have more exercise and have good rest.

Health, Fitness and Preservation

One bar each time, 3-5 times per week, have it before sleep. Advice: drink more warm water, consume more vegetables.

Adjusting of Three-Hyper-Diseases

Have one bar each day at half hour after breakfast or dinner. Advice: drink more warm water and have good rest.

Detoxifying and Beautifying

Have one bar half hour after breakfast or dinner every day. Advice: drink more warm water, a superior effect with yogurt or milk.

health and wellness supplier china and herbal care product manufacturer:Hongkong Perfect-life Trading Co., Limited

Lose Weight and Body Remolding

Have it half hour after meals during the first 7-10 days; after the dredging of digestive system, have it before meals (the consumption amount should be on the basis of physique). Advice: drink more warm water, have more exercise and consume more vegetables.

Dispel the Effects of Alcohol and Protect Liver

One bar before drinking alcohol, the drinking capacity can be augmented; one bar during drinking, ‘broadcasting on-live’ can be avoided; one bar after drinking, you can get up on time the next day and without headache. Advice: drink more warm water and follow a regular diet.

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