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Natural pigment (capsicum red)

Quantity 25Kg - 20000Kg
Price 2.5-30 USD
MOQ25 Kg
Lead Time7days

Product Details

Properties: red water-soluble powder, easily soluble in water.

Main ingredients: capsaicin, capsaicubin, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, etc.

usage: generally 0.025G/KG.

Capsicum red natural pigment is a very versatile pigment. Generally there are water soluble, oil soluble, powder, etc.

The application is as follows:

Margarine and similar products, frozen drinks, pickled vegetables, cooked nuts and seeds, cocoa products, confectionery, batter, instant rice noodle products, frozen rice noodle products, food product fillings, pastries, biscuits,baked food failing and surface hanging pulp, prepared meat products, cured meatproducts, cooked meat products, frozen surimi products, condiments, fruit and vegetable juice, protein drinks, jelly, puffed food, etc

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