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Our unique patent design allows for increased airflow while also drawing in liquid from every layer of the beverage. This process of taking in air with the liquid facilities oxidation which intensifies flavours. This process allows natural flavours to dominate thus reducing the need for artificial flavourings and flavour enhancers. This in turns allows desired flavour to shine through; greatly improving the overall flavour and experience of every bespoke cocktail, spirit and mixer and soft drink. During taste tests, our straws also impacted positively on the taste of wine by increasing the range of notes and intensifying overall bouquet, serving as an effective demonstration to illustrate how our product's unique design allows the user to enhance the overall drinking experience.

The potential application of Maestraw is wide ranging in its potential. It improves the flavour of soft drinks and intensifies the bouquet of spirits. It eliminates the need for flavour enhancers, and reduces the need for sweeteners and sugar in cocktails. This is a particularly important selling point for sugar based cocktails such as the Mojito, Old Fashioned and Caprihanas etc, these drinks have all experienced an adverse effect on their popularity in this new age of health consciousness. Indeed our straw is an important tool in the current 'war on sugar' as it enhances the taste of naturally occurring flavour and allows the consumer to create traditional cocktails, using less sugar and additives. In our market research, we also have witnessed the increased popularity of 'alcohol-free' beverages and believe that Maestraw could play a key role in elevating the experiences of creating and drinking mocktails/alcohol free beverages.

In taste tests, our straw also demonstrated that consumers not only enjoy their beverage more when consumed with Maestraw in comparison to the same beverage served with traditional cylinder straw, but said consumers also consumed their drinks quicker, potentially leading to increased sales as you increase consumption.

Another benefit of using Maestraw within the ever-growing hospitality industry is the ability to reduce the time it takes to make complex cocktails such as layered drinks, without losing out on any flavour . The way in which Maestraw draws out and enhances the flavours from each layer of a drink means that bartenders can produce cocktails of a high standard in a shorter amount of time, helping to speed up and make service more efficient.

Maestraw is completely customizable to different drinks,meaning it can be altered in size and shape, to fit the drinking experience of specific cocktail recipes

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