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Latest Automatic Conveyor System Accumulation Suspended Chain Overhead Conveyor

FOB Price 200 - 800 USD / USD
MOQ1 set
PackagingWooden box
Lead Time15days

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Product Details

Suspension chain conveyor, also known as overhead conveyor, is a continuous transportation equipment with a closed space line. It is used in the workshop or between workshops to continuously transport workpieces and articles. In the continuous water transportation, the workpiece can be transported. Various sequential process operations, such as material on-line, surface treatment, painting, drying, cooling, finished product off-line, etc., and can work in harsh environments (such as high temperatures, hazardous media, etc.).
Because it not only makes full use of space, but also works in conjunction with ground operations, it is widely used in mass production and modern factories such as furniture factories, bicycle factories, electronics factories, hardware factories, and automobile factories. The suspended chain conveyor line is a device that continuously transports materials in space, and the materials are installed on a special box or bracket to run along a predetermined track.
The line body can go up and down and turn in the space, the layout is flexible for self-use, and the floor space is small. Our company can design and plan according to user requirements.
Product technical information
Product Name
Overhead conveyor
Frame material
Stainless steel/carbon steel
Structure type
Uphill, straight line, turn
Transfer speed
Related configuration
Motor, spreader
automatic tensioning device
automatic lubrication device
After sale service
One year warranty
free wearing parts
Chain conveyor
Wooden packaging
Scene photo
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