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Bulletproof plate

Product Details

light weight/small order quantity/fast delivery/reputation/good quality/high performance


250mm x 300mm (10 x 12)

200mm x 250mm (8 x 10)

200mm x 200mm (8 x 8)

150mm x 200mm (6 x 8)


Single curve (E or T type)


Aramid/Silicon Carbonate Ceramic Tiles


Cloth and EVA Form


250mm x 300mm:2.5KG


Stand Alone Level III according to NIJ 0101.06.

Provides multi shot protection against:

·7.62 × 51mm NATO ball ammunition at 15 meters

·7.62 × 39mm MSC/API AK-47 at 15 meters

·5.56 × 45mm M193/SS109/M855 M-16 at 15 meters

·12 gauge slug at 0 meters

Raw Material Used in This Product:

-Aramid Fabric High Performance of ballistic resistance

-Silicon Carbonate Ceramic Tiles of 10mm of thickness

-Self-adhesive Oxford of the Best Quality to make the whole plate waterproof

Test Report:

Ballistic Test Field:

mainly used in bulletproof vests, plates inserted in bulletproof helmet, testing, the system is one of the most advanced China test system. The laboratory is one of the Chinese three ballistic test laboratory.

Quality Control:

Quality control department consists of five members, including the leader, Mr.You Congbin , who is the well-known quality expert of China Norinco Group , lecturer of quality control industry in China Norinco Group. The team are strictly accordance with international quality standards and requirements of China GJB quality inspection, will never miss a substandard product by inspecting each batch of live-fire test. The team is the assurance of the good-quality products made by Sanda company, making an outstanding contribution to the promotion to Sanda company's product quality.

Production Equipment

Our company is equipped with several sophisticated equipment, such like cutting machine for bulletproof vest, integrated forming machine for ballistic plates, and other first-rate devices. Sanda owns the biggest colony of press machine in the north of China, is the hub of manufacturing of composited materials. The production ability of ballistic plate has reached to 400 pieces at once with the sophisticated integrated heating-press system, all final products have good consistency, and ballistic performance as well. Continuous orthogonal type manufacturing system of aramid UD fabric is the key machine in the production of raw material for bulletproof vest, Sanda has imported from the United States the mentioned device, which is the most advanced in China and also makes Sanda now the most competitive manufacture in the industry of ballistic products. Pressure cutting system provides the possibility to cut all kind of material with any curve at once (excepting the water jet, any other cutting system is restricted by the type of material), there won't be any heating effect and toxic matters generated during the cutting progress. No secondary operation required after cutting (or secondary operation will be easier). It's safe, non-toxic, low-cost, fast, high efficiency, convenient and wide range of uses. At present we are using the water jet for cutting of all types of ballistic plates, hard chest armor, anti-stab fabric, and other products. Sanda owns also painting device of polyurethane, heat pressing machine and others in addition.

Shiyan Liangrui Auto Co.,ltd.

200 meters south of Jianzhaozhuang Village, Anping County


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