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Breezebubble Ultraprotect Mask

MOQ50 Units
Lead Time7-10

Product Details

BreezeBubble UltraProtect mask is designed for airtight sealing and superior respiratory protection.


  • BreezeBubble Mask
  • 10 BFE99 certified filters with increased filter size

BFE99 filters certified to filtrate >= 0.1 micron particles, bacteria, pollen, dust, and other PM2.5 particles with 99% efficiency according to ASTM (American Society to Testing and Materials) Standards

Key Features
  • High Comfort for Long Hours: The mask provides comfort due to it's skin friendly silicone seal material that sits smooth and snug on the face
  • No Fogging of Glasses: This is the perfect mask for glasses wearers as it does not fog up glasses
  • Airtight Fit: Our flexible edge design forms an perfect airtight fit around the face so that there is no leakage of air along the sides of the mask - and every breath you breathe is filtered
  • Washable and Reusable: It is super easy to wash, clean and reuse
  • No Bad Smell: Does not cause bad smell inside unlike most other mask
  • Easy to Talk through: The mask has space inside it hence making it easy to talk in
  • Breathability: The mask is super breathable and comfortable to wear
  • High Protection: upto 0.1 micron particles. Filters bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, PM2.5 particles, smoke, exhaust, aerosols, etc.
  • Skin Friendly Silicone
  • Adjustable straps

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Wearing the BreezeBubble

Place the mask so it rests gently on your face. Pull the ear loops behind your ears and use the ear loop clips to adjust according to your needs. The silicone edge is designed to take the shape of your face gently and create an airtight fit to prevent any air leakage. Finally, move the mask up or down based on what feels most comfortable!

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Environmental Commitment:

Reusability and recyclability: The mask can by recycled by the facilities that specializing in silicone recycling. It's a more sustainable solution since you are not disposing the mask and buying new ones over and over again.

Long-lasting design: The BreezeBubble mask is long lasting and can be used for eternity. It has replaceable filters that can be changed after 4-5 times of use to keep the mask clean and fresh.

Contact: [email protected]

Breezebubble Inc.

201 South Division Street, Suite 400


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