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Air Filter Activated Carbon

FOB Price 800 - 1200 USD / 1 ton
MOQ1 kg
Packaging25kg plastic woven bag
Lead Time12-15 days

Product Details

Air Filtration

Activated carbon is again used as a filter medium during air filtration. The micropores of the activated carbon can trap larger molecules like dust and pollen, but it also captures smaller molecules such as odorous gases. When the air is pushed (or pulled) through a bed of activated carbon, the main foulants found in that air stream are captured and allow just the filtered or clean air, to pass through to the final destination.

Due to the organic nature of the foulants being captured in air filtration systems, all forms of activated carbon (other than powdered) can be cleaned through a process known as carbon reactivation and reused. This reduces waste and overall running costs of large air filtration systems.

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