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360 degree intelligent control turntable size can be customized

FOB Price 200 - 650 USD / USD
MOQ1 set
PackagingWooden box
Lead Time15days

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Product Details

The revolving restaurant platform and revolving observation platform equipment are supporting facilities for restaurants, sightseeing halls, entertainment halls and other circular buildings on high-rise buildings, allowing people to have a multi-angle and omni Natural landscapes, etc. The use of this equipment can improve the grade of the main building, increase economic benefits, and accelerate the recovery of construction investment. It is also a hardware facility for star-rated hotels.

Bearing weight of rotating machinery: 8-120T

Outer diameter: 10-65m Rotation speed: 35-240 minutes/circle (frequency control)

Work rate: 0.55-3.0KW Parallelism: ±≤5mm

Circle degree: ±≤5mm Equipment noise: ≤ 55 (dB)

The transmission mode of ST series revolving restaurant platform equipment adopts the pin gear transmission mode developed by our company. The product runs smoothly without jitter, noise and long service life. It belongs to the updated products in this technical field, and the operation adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which makes the product more perfect. Using this transmission technology, the product does not require equipment layer (the ground is only 300mm away from the turntable), which not only reduces civil construction investment, but also saves high-rise space, especially in high-rise buildings. The rotating platform equipment adopting pin gear transmission technology has reasonable structure and advanced technology. It is difficult to process pin gears and gears and has high precision. The product is also maintenance-free, so that customers can save the trouble of regular maintenance when using it. Since the establishment of the company, the products have been sold all over the country and around the world, especially in the fields of revolving sightseeing and revolving restaurants on the TV Tower.

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