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Lip Balm Manufacturers and Suppliers

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ERH Natural Herbal Extract Organic Baby Lip Balm

  • Main Products: Skin Care, Facial Mask, Baby Care, Cosmetics

OBM moisturizing cute animal shape lip balm

  • Main Products: Cosmetic Oem, Body Care Product, Skin Care Product, Eye Mask

Taiwan Material Meet FDA & EEC Cosmetic Regulations Blister Card Packing Moisture Flavor Chapstick Lip Balm

  • Main Products: Cosmetic Packaging, Cosmetics, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm

USDA certified Organic Lip Balm

  • Main Products: Cosmetics, Industrial Safety Production Goods, Brand Agency, Facial Mask

ERH Shea Butter Organic Lip Balm Honey Baby Lip Balm

  • Main Products: Cosmetic, Skin Care, Facial Mask, Makeup

Rose lip balm care set with moisturizer anti-aging and lightening up

  • Main Products: Skin Care, Mask, Skin Bleaching Cream, Whitening Cream


  • Main Products: Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Make Up, Lip Gloss

Natural Beeswax Rose chapstick Lip care Balm

  • Main Products: Honey, Royal Jelly, Facial Care Products, Body Care Products

Deary Shea Butter Nourishing Repair Lip Balm, OEM&ODM available

  • Main Products: Healthcare, Healthfood, Skincare, Beautycare

Browse Through The List Of Renowned Lip Balm Manufacturers 

Why waste countless hours of your precious time surfing the web for trustworthy suppliers of lip accessories and other cosmetics when can help? Being a globally recognized B2B platform, we have an extensive list of creditable and popular distributors operating as pioneers within the international markets for a sufficiently long time. All dealings are conducted via the internet through our website with assistance from the professionals working with us. We put you in contact with honorable cosmetics retailers who deliver products as promised. Let's talk more about what happens if you pick us to purchase wholesale lip ointments. 

A Futuristic Approach Of Procuring Cosmetics In Bulk is a leading B2B platform that brings you a massive collection of lip balm manufacturers. However, we believe in allowing anyone who chooses us to place sizeable orders to indulge in an efficient decision-making process. Upon visiting ',' you are provided with the option of posting order requests explaining all your unique requirements. These include stating the order size, types of products you are interested in buying, budget, delivery location, and more. The lip accessory vendors enlisted on our B2B space send quotations against your requests. 


What's important to note here is that this where your journey of enjoying promising rewards at the end begins. The cosmetics exporters collaborating with us sell high-quality items that can be consumed without worrying about any side effects. The offers you receive from these suppliers are supervised by professionals using technologically advanced tools and resources. It helps them understand a proposal's different aspects to determine the expected outcomes. The findings are further compared to your demands to figure out the suitability of a proposal. This is our way of satisfying your needs, making you a permanent part of Hence, you wouldn't have to look elsewhere in the future when the time comes to restock. 


The prices and quality of a lip accessory prove valuable only if the process of acquiring them is one filled with guaranteed returns and zero uncertainties. We stick with you throughout the entire procurement procedure, helping with the search of reliable distributors, critical decision-making, and finalization of profitable deals. It is time to discard the old methods of purchasing cosmetics like lip ointments full of risks. Availing the services rendered by, a reputable B2B portal, enables you to secure profits beyond anyone's anticipation while getting an unlimited supply of premium quality lip accessories. 

What Types Of Lip Balms Are The Manufacturers Offering? 

The purpose of such an ointment is to moisturize your lips effectively during extreme winter and summer seasons. There are several kinds of lip balms available in the market. They are as follows; 

• CBD: This one is also known as hemp oil, and it possesses beneficial healing properties for people with dry and rough lips. 

• Flavored: Different flavors of this accessory sold in the market include vanilla, coconut, mango, mint, strawberry, and more. People often gift them to each other on special occasions. 

• Organic: This is an eco-friendly item manufactured using natural ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamins C and E, eucalyptus, etc. 

• Medicated: This is a product prescribed explicitly by dermatologists to be used before going to bed, after waking up, and eating or drinking something. 

• Tinted: This is for women who do not wish to wear any lipstick. It adds a touch of color to their lips while moisturizing them for a long time. 

• SPF: This protects your lips like sunscreen, making them look flawless, free from the signs of aging. Experts suggest using lip ointments with SPF 15 or more to reap the benefits. 

• Plumping: This is a lip accessory that makes your lips look ideally puffy. However, use this carefully to avoid any adverse effects. 

Which one do you want to buy in bulk at wholesale rates? caters to suppliers who sell all of these types, so one should not have any difficulty in finding a product according to their preference. 

Packaging Information 

How a product is packaged decides the mode of transportation and easiness of usage. Luckily, lip balms are wrapped in boxes and containers, making it easy for you to carry them around. You can slide them into your purse or pocket before going out to a party with friends. It also makes delivery more convenient as they can be easily packed and transported from one location to another. This way, goods are not invulnerable to any damages in transit. Lip balms are sold in tubes, retracting balls, mini jars, key chains, etc. You might also find these in multiple designs, making them a perfect gift for girls and women on birthdays. Convenient lip balm blister packaging also allows the end-user of the product to apply it efficiently without facing any challenges. 

Let's Overcome Linguistic Barriers Together

A lot of people looking to buy goods in bulk from overseas sellers have one common concern. They worry about communicating with a cosmetics wholesaler who doesn't speak the same language as them. You would be glad to learn that we have experts capable of speaking various languages fluently. Not only can they communicate your message to the manufacturers, but also mediate the meetings and negotiate the terms of a deal you find suitable. There is no such thing as a restriction when working with because we have the solution to all those problems one might face while buying lip balms. We put you in touch with retailers and wholesalers operating within the international markets. There would be no miscommunication and misunderstanding, allowing you to complete the buying process smoothly. 

Does Suppliers Affordable charge prices? 

This question might have dawned upon you while reading about us. It is safe to say that we have gathered vendors and manufacturers demanding surprisingly reasonable rates. Every penny you spend is for a worthwhile lip ointment, cherished by everyone across the globe. You must have devised a budget at the start. Needless to say, we make it possible for you to place sizeable orders at prices that don't exceed the budget. Often, we come across people who believe working with a B2B portal to buy goods is an expensive endeavor when the reality is completely opposite. We exist to assist you in establishing long-term, fruitful connections with suppliers who sell satisfying products at affordable prices consistently.




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