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What are electronic components

An electronic component is any basic device that is used to affect electrons or their fields. They have multiple electrical terminals or leads which connect to create an electronic circuit with a specific function. Some common electronic components are diodes, transistors, ICs, resistors, capacitors, magnetic devices, sensors, etc.


What is electronic equipment machinery


Simply put, these are the machines that are used to make all Integrated Circuits (ICs) that are used in all of our computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

These machines are capable of making multiple ICs of the same type at a time. They can be set to automatic or manual depending upon your needs.


How does an electronic equipment machine work


The process of how ICs are made is very interesting. It is a complex process that varies depending on what type of chip is being made. A large piece of a silicon crystal is shaved into thin wafers about one-hundredth of an inch thick. Then, a special chemical is deposited on that piece of wafer. Then, a mask is applied over the chemical which is actually the image of the circuit about to be made. Then the machine places all the transistors, capacitors and other diodes on the chip and solders them together. This whole process used to take a lot of time, but due to the development in technology now multiple ICs can be made in mere minutes. There are a lot of machines that do the trick. They differ in their prices, the number of circuits they can build at a time, how many types of circuits can be built and other specifications.


How to find what you’re looking for


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