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TradeWheel offers a myriad of service equipment to our bulk customers. This specific topic is with regards to service equipment on our platform. Our service equipment ranges from and into all genres. We have electric service equipment like breakers, switches, and fuses. Moreover, we also feature other types of service equipment, like refrigerators, cooking tools, and liquid pumping equipment.

More into service equipment and its forms

Service equipment is also the gas dispenser that you use at a gas station to fuel up your car. Service equipment would also be the counter that you see in hospitals with large screens attached asking you for feedback regarding the hospital and its services.

Solar powered exit signs also fall in the genre of service equipment! They are placed near gas stations or highways to indicate people of what is coming up next on the road. Frozen food mixers or beer machines also fall into this realm. With beer machines being some of the most modern service equipment in the world today.


TradeWheel is a platform that assures its audience that they will be satisfied with the goods that they receive. This is because TradeWheel has gone to great lengths to ensure that all products that are listed on the site match their written and picture descriptions.


Our prices are low primarily because our selection of bulk suppliers means that they are always trying to compete to outdo the other. 


TradeWheel is a platform which has a very far spread system of suppliers. We have made sure that we equipped our website with both well-known international suppliers and small reliable local suppliers.

Purchasing tips 

With so many available options of suppliers and distributors, you are definitely where you were meant to be. Now how do you begin shopping? Like we said earlier, before you even begin, browse through our list of suppliers, so you know which one is closer and which one has more positive reviews. 

Be aware that there is something called seasonal high. This refers to a certain season, which could range from anything in between a few days and entire months, where the service industry might get slightly more expensive. As a bulk customer, you should know the best practices of seasonal highs and be able to apply them whenever needed. 

Service equipment

Since the field of service equipment is such a diverse field, it is imperative to know exactly what you want to buy. You could be on the look for something and just a few minutes of aimless browsing could add unnecessary products into your bulk wholesale cart.

TradeWheel a platform that you will love 

Begin bulk shopping! This platform was made especially for customers like yourself who have bulk needs. Be sure to closely follow and make the best of the tips above to have the smoothest purchase. And lastly, be sure to visit our platform on special occasions - just in case we are conducting a huge surprise discount on our items.