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LT120F_LG Genuine Air filter for LG DIOS refrigerator Part #: ADQ73214404_6 Month Replacement


  • Port: Busan
  • Type Refrigerator Parts
  • Place of Origin South Korea
  • Brand Name LG
  • Model Number LT120F
  • Condition New


South Korea
  • Main Products: Magnetron, Air Filter, Cosmetic, Lip Stick

Korean Origin, Refrigerator Shaded Pole Induction Fan Motor CX


  • Port: Busan, Korea
  • Type Refrigerator Parts
  • Place of Origin Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  • Brand Name Zephyr or Buyers brand
  • Model Number ZDAI-6112D/ ZDAI-6112E/ ZDAI-6112F
  • Motor type Shaded-pole AC induction motor


South Korea
  • Main Products: Genuine Refrigerator Parts, Genuine Washing Machine Parts, Genuine Vacuum Cleaner Parts, Genuine Clothes Dryer Parts

List of Refrigerator Parts Suppliers & Exporters

Tradewheel has over 2 products from Refrigerator Parts category. We have numerous exporters & suppliers of quality Refrigerator Parts from China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates. A few of the top companies offering Refrigerator Parts on our B2B platform are: ZEPHYR CO., LTD. from South Korea, LNP TECHNOLOGY from South Korea. Moreover, you can also find a list of sellers and exporters dealing in Air Conditioner Parts, Air Purifier Parts, Clothes Dryer Parts from numerous countries.

Import Price of Refrigerator Parts from China, USA, Canada & other Top Exporting Countries

The import price of Refrigerator Parts is based on the order quantity, Refrigerator Parts FOB prices vary by the size of order, the capacity of seller dealing in Refrigerator Parts and most importantly the importing country. There are over 43154 products from Home Appliances listed on Tradewheel offering different FOB prices following the above criteria.

Refrigerator & Freezer Parts, An Exporter’s view

Exporting spare parts is relatively more technical than exporting final product. This includes more technicalities in standards, sizes, dimensions and quality measures. Being an exporter of Refrigerator & Freezer Parts, it is significantly important to connect with businesses who deal in either manufacturing or assembling refrigerators and freezers or its maintenance. Refrigerators are widely sold under huger electronics brand names. Their compressors, ice makers, Condenser, Running capacitors, defrost control assemblies are being manufactured differently as per the different standard of manufacturing company.

Facilitation Role of TradeWheel in Achieving an Exporter’s Objectives

Assistance always required for a salesperson when it comes to selling a product which itself is not a final product but tiny part of a larger system. TradeWheel’s highly professional assistance team, who belongs from an electrical engineering background, provides helpful assistance to the exporter by guiding their respective buyers through their expert technical product knowledge. This relief an exporter to focus on their export rather spending their energy on technical discussion buyer.

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