Lights and Lighting Products and Services from Renowned Prolific and International Suppliers

Finding the right platform

As a business, you are looking to make the most out of the least money spent. You have a specific budget, and you have individual needs. Well, TradeWheel is definitely the bulk supply platform for you!

About TradeWheel

TradeWheel is a platform that hosts bulk suppliers and mass distributors. Now, our products listings vary, and we have everything ranging from lights (which you are here for) to pencils and pens. 

TradeWheel has an iron-fisted quality policy. We make sure that the products listed on our platform are reliable and match their assigned descriptions. 

As a rule of thumb, our suppliers (meaning the suppliers on our platform) are widespread. So some of them might be located in strategic locations of Asia, America, and Africa while some may be in your locality!

Lights and lighting

Light allows us to see when nature becomes a burden. When it is dark, and our irises cannot make out figures and shapes, it is artificial light that allows us to function like normal. Before, a few hundred years ago, people would use gas lamps. Moreover, a few hundred years before that, people would use large candles as lights. Furthermore, now, in our time we have electricity driven lights, which are more steady than their previous generation and more reliable.

Which Types of Lights do TradeWheel offer?

Our suppliers have all sorts of lights. We also host a whole section of products related specifically to lighting.

What sort of lights do we offer? The whole list! 

Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and LED lights; We have high studio lights and small portable reading lights as well - It all depends on what you want.

With regards to lighting, we have unique photo booth lights, studio lights and much more. We are considering the four main categories of lighting; Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting, and Wall Lighting. They are all readily available at TradeWheel in bulk at stunning rates.

Easy buying

In order to make an order to purchase any of our Lights and Lighting products, all you have to do is the following.

1- Browse through the list of suppliers.

Please make sure to browse thoroughly; there may be some suppliers of the item that you are looking for that are closer to your region. Also, hastiness might lead you to make a more expensive decision. The further the supplier, the more the shipping fee shall be.

2- Place an order

This is the last step. Make sure to make it count. When buying in bulk, it is always better to buy more than less. 

Other things to note

Seasonal highs and lows may impact the prices of specific categories. Always be ready to take advantage of a seasonal low. The best way to do this is just by knowing the effects of each season on your required genre of products. 

Pictures may not be 100% the same. Even though we make sure that there is a product picture match, some products shall change - Like fruit or anything else that are naturally grown.