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Dongguan Honghai Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Dongguan, Guangdong
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Ningbo Qihui International Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Zhenhai, Ningbo Zhejiang
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Shenzhen Supree Optoelectri Co., Ltd

  • Baoyuan Industrial Park, Guangdong
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Young Optics Inc.

  • Hsinchu, Taiwan
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xuanlai technology co., ltd

  • huizhou, guang dong
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    THE INTERNATIONAL PORTAL FOR LIGHTS & LIGHTING PRODUCTS – TRADEWHEEL.COM is the comprehensive and ideal platform for everyone involved in the B2B trade of Lights & Lighting products. Explore Lighting industries’ most comprehensive collection of quality Lights & Lighting Products at our website. You can buy all your desired lights online from wholesale light manufacturers and suppliers. Our platform is proud to be accommodating a vast number of Lighting companies, brands, distributors, and wholesalers. Not only these well-known names of the industry are exhibiting their best made and trendy lights, but they also provide OEM and ODM services. is an international trading website for the global wholesale Lighting industry. It is an effective platform for all the wholesale Light traders and their quality products. Our platform brings worldwide light importers and distributors on one page, dispensing adequate opportunities to expand their business in the international market.


    Sourcing our directory of comprehensive Lights and Lighting products from thousands of trusted suppliers, we bring you the opportunity to procure the best lighting deals at affordable rates. Tracing our directory to the key players of the global light industry, we are committed to bringing you the best lighting solutions that will increase the overall light efficiency coupled with reducing the energy consumption. currently lights up a number of businesses around the world by connecting them with their desired customers. You can buy all the variety of Lights & Lighting products from our website at affordable rates.

    WHAT DO WE OFFER? is redefining the norm of the trade industry by furnishing an all-inclusive catalog of lights and lighting products from across the globe. You can find the top lighting articles in all the variations of types, designs, colors, and intensity. Utilizing the vast network of wholesale light manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, we now host the most extensive selection of lights.

    From incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, lighting bulbs, outdoor lights, decorative lights, vintage lights to the other lighting accessories, at, we have it all. We also have a vast selection of professional lights. You can also expect to find high standard studio lights here as well. We have divided all our products into further categories to assist wholesale light buyers in navigating to their desired products easily. 


    An enormous variety of lights are being manufactured across the world. Lights are deliberately used to attain practical and aesthetic effects. Most of the modern architecture and outdoor settings employ artificial lights to enhance its beauty. Not only for beautification, but lights are also essential for practical necessities. Whether it’s a house, schools, offices, hotel, or an event venue, lights are a vital part of the building. They are being crafted and supplied on a vast and frequent scale.

    The demand for Lights & Lighting Products is still concentrated worldwide, and the industry is only suspected to grow further. Aside from enhancing the ambiance of the given place, lights also offer comfort and leisure. The businesses involved are thriving with the up-surging demand for these products.


    If you are new to the B2B wholesale lighting industry and want to know from where you can secure the highest quality lights, then is the place for you. Being a part of this platform ensures that various professionals and experts are within your range. Companies and businesses associated with this market can meet and interact with the global wholesale light distributors and exporters. Our online trading platform already holds stature in this light business and is ready to extend a helping hand to all the international light purchase managers. Explore a whole new horizon of business opportunities and solve all your problems related to buying high-quality lights at affordable rates.


    If you are a wholesale light manufacturer and are looking for a chance to expand your business internationally, then you must know the top export markets for your products. Identifying the countries to target can be difficult, but with, you can easily reach and connect with the wholesale light buyers and importers from all parts of the world.

    The largest import market for light and Lighting Products is Europe & Central Asia, accounting for approximately US$ 6 billion. Within the Asia Pacific region, the highest volume of light imports was recorded in China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In addition, Philippine is also an emerging market in the region. In Europe, the highest importers of lighting articles were Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain.


    The lighting industry includes all the companies and enterprises manufacturing electric light bulbs, light parts, and other such components. The key trends that are shaping the lighting today are energy efficient and solid-state lighting. Innovative lighting solutions are introduced in the market to save energy and improve the quality of light, for instance, LED lights. With the fast adaptation of LED lights in the residential market, the industry is forecasted to grow up to $27 billion by 2020.

    LED lights are also expected to make a huge entrance in the commercial store, hospitality, and outdoor lighting applications.


    The wholesale light importers come to our website to browse a diverse range of global key players in the lighting industry. It is an honor for to collaborate with some of our industry’s finest wholesale light suppliers. We invite you to view our broad-ranging directory of excellent lights for both decorative and practical uses. Join hands with us and enjoy convenient online trading experience.

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