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Canada is the 12th largest product export economy in the world. This tells that the country is brimming with exciting business opportunities for international businesses and entrepreneurs. is the renowned Canadian B2B marketplace helping businesses easily reach this lucrative import-export market. With a long list of excellent and innovative services, including trade consultation, this largest free b2b marketplace that offers safe payment methods, fast and secure communication, a Key account manager, customer support, and much more. Canadian traders trust us to get their business going on the right track. 

Wholesale B2B portals in Canada continue to grow, and is full of opportunities for ambitious businesses and e-commerce players. Overall its top export is Crude oil ($68 billion (USD), followed by Cars—$41 billion (USD), Gold—$15 billion (USD), Processed petroleum oil—$12 billion (USD), Car parts, and accessories—$11 billion (USD), etc. The United States is its top export, with $296 billion of its annual exports, followed by China at $15.8 billion and the United Kingdom at $12.9 billion. 

As one of the important Canadian b2b marketplace, we understand the complexities of the modern business world and thus have the vision to make it simple. We offer Canadian businesses integrated B2B solutions like mobile apps to manage their business on the go, representatives to help them find customers, trade show awareness to keep them updated with industry happenings, and much more. is proud to be Canada's one-stop B2B marketplace for all business enthusiasts. Now you can explore your desired products to buy in bulk or meet with renowned suppliers through the top b2b website in Canada. 

CONNECTING CANADIAN WHOLESALERS, MANUFACTURERS & SUPPLIERS GLOBALLY: is one of the well-known online Canada b2b sites that continues to take over the traditional practices and allow businesses to enter the modern B2B space. The country’s GDP is $1.71 trillion, which equates to a GDP per capita figure of $46,233. The US and China are the top two importers of their goods, with the US being the most crucial trade partner. There’s almost unlimited trade potential between the two neighbors. is the go-to free b2b website for all Canadian wholesalers, retailers, and importers who aim to connect with international businesses. We are a platform where you can connect with potential customers and create real-time partnerships from anywhere in the world. For the last two decades, we have been helping Canada’s eCommerce industry compete against aggressive competitive trends and easily reach new customers in foreign lands. 


Among all the other Canadian B2B portals, to provide the best and most efficient B2B services, we have created an H2H model. It mixes technological advancements with human services in proportion to yield effective results for our Canadian clients. As the pedigree B2B platform in Canada, we understand that B2B services don’t always mean allowing customers to place orders. It is far more complex and needs a thorough understanding to convert a potential lead into a lasting customer. 

Here we strive to create the perfect environment for Canadian businesses where they can nurture the leads and turn them into returning customers. Our platform supports what we deem mandatory, technology and human intelligence to create an unforgettable experience.  


The b2b suppliers and manufacturers of Canada are always on the hunt for new leads from around the world. To cater to their needs, we have developed the largest directory of international buyers and sellers on one page. We serve as a bridge to connect buyers with the right suppliers to seek potential clients with less difficulty. Authentication has always been our strong ground. We reach out to buyers to verify the requirements and process only authentic and genuine leads. So, you are in for a treat because getting new customers for your businesses was never easier before. 


We have been delivering sophisticated and wide-ranging B2B services since 2003 and possess a deep understanding of business-to-business transactions. This is why millions of suppliers and buyers trust – the best B2B platform in Canada, to turn their worst business nightmare into profits. No matter what your business needs are, no matter how big or small your business size is, we are ready to bring our best practices to the table. We assist you in connecting with verified, authentic Australian buyers and suppliers through our portal. 

The above information captures the overall international trading environment of Canada. The future is set to be big, with the country seeking fresh opportunities to grow its market further and beyond. 

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