Agriculture - the driving wheel for nations!

Millions of resources are gulped down by the mill of life daily. Everything is produced and created using the raw materials which are gained from nature. These raw materials and natural resources are necessary for fulfilling the demands and fundamental necessities of people around the world. Does not matter how much a country makes progress in industrial areas but if the country is not self-sufficient regarding food and grains, the country will ultimately be left behind. Agriculture not only provides with food and grain products but also offer crops like cotton which is utilized in assorted ways for hundreds of purposes. Agriculture is not solely responsible for the cultivation of food, fiber, and feed but raising livestock is also considered to be a part of agriculture. Among all life-sustaining essentials, the food is thought to be on the top. The farmers work day and night to provide the nations with nutritious and healthy food items. There were times when the farmers had to do everything manually. The farmers used to plow a field and then they had to wait for the soil to get ready naturally for cultivating the other badge of crops. The peasants and farmers used to look after the fields 24x7 to prevent the crops from getting under the attack of pesticides. In spite of all these efforts, farmers have suffered a great deal of loss and crop failure. However, thanks to science and recent agricultural supplies, now the agricultural yields are abundant because of fertilizers, pesticide protection products, aiding machinery and other such products. Items and supplies for promoting healthy and hassle-free livestock raise and growth also prove to be excellent health. These products help in easy procurement of milk, wool, and eggs. The proper setups are made for raising the livestock with hygiene promoting environments. Such configurations also require many supplies which are traded and supplied everywhere.

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