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2023 The 13th Chengdu Printing and Packaging Industry Expo - PPE 2023 Tradeshow 10 - 13 Feb 2023

2023 The 13th Chengdu Printing and Packaging Industry Expo - PPE 2023

10 - 13 Feb 2023

Chengdu , China

Event Organizer

Chengdu Modern Dena Exhibition Co. LTD

Room 1516, Block c, Global Times Center, Jiqing Fourth Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu,China

Tel: 028-69883888/18482112203

2023 exhibition preset scale

Printing package exhibition scale 40000 square meters, a total of 600 booths

The theme area of Corrugated Box Machinery and Materials Exhibition is 20000 square meters. The number of visitors is 30,000 +

Who will attend the exhibition?

Color box and corrugated packaging production equipment | | internal logistics delivery system before printing plate-making equipment | printing equipment | equipment | after printing color printing machine | digital jet printing machine | packaging printing printing and packaging machinery related accessories | color box packaging printing materials and other materials | boxes and other packaging products and container | digital commercial printing equipment | digital UV inkjet printing equipment | | label printing equipment Label printing Materials and related consumables......

Who will visit?

Color box factory | color | | cardboard paper products factory factory | | a cardboard-box factory and tobacco package factory package factory | | wine food packaging plant | | | equipment and spare parts suppliers consumables suppliers of various kinds of color box corrugated end user association of | | | media agent...

Why choose PPE Chengdu Corrugated, color box Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition?

l Back to the gold season

Chengdu Corrugated, Color Box Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition - the first exhibition of printing bag industry in the beginning of the year, reasonably avoid the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day, two sessions and other festivals, and stagger the 618, Double 11 e-commerce carnival and carton production season, the purchasing person in charge of packaging enterprises have more ample time to go out to visit, for raw materials, equipment in advance to do physical testing and planning. Deploy production throughout the year, so there will be more improvement in the number and quality of audiences. Exhibitors will also take the opportunity to contact more potential customers, to win the market opportunity.

l· Cooperated with a number of well-known printing bag industry associations in Sichuan

The exhibition is jointly held with Sichuan Printing Association, Sichuan Packaging and Decoration Printing Industry Association, Chengdu Printing Industry Association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association and other well-known printing industry associations in Sichuan Province. We will try our best to build the exhibition into a forward-looking, pioneering and influential industry event covering the whole industrial chain of printing and packaging industry in western China

l· Provide 365 days of business services

2023PPE Chengdu Corrugated, color box packaging equipment and material Exhibition breaks the inherent concept of the traditional "exhibition period", online "Chengdu Guangyin Exhibition" small program, for exhibitors and buyers to provide 365 days a year, 7*24 hours more rich business services, help trigger business opportunities non-stop!

l· 4 Exhibition held at the same time, the printing industry linkage

The 13th Chengdu Color Box Packaging, Corrugated Equipment and Materials Exhibition, 2023 Chengdu Label Equipment and Materials Exhibition, 2023 Chengdu Packaging and Printing Products and Containers Exhibition, 2023 Chengdu Digital Printing and Graphic Office Exhibition. It is a big gathering of high-end contacts covering the whole industrial chain of packaging from raw materials and equipment suppliers to packaging enterprises and even brand terminals in the printing and packaging industry in western China. As a once-a-year opportunity, carton enterprises will gather here to develop customers, conclude orders, and prepare for new business breakthrough capacity and technological innovation.

Strong publicity campaign, precise buyer invitation

l Put 250,000 DM into the top floors of domestic carton factories every year.

l 50,000 + fans wechat public platforms, Douyin platforms, video platforms throughout the publicity.

l Send 1 million reminder messages and make more than 200,000 invitation calls throughout the year.

l In-depth cooperation with more than 120 industry media, precision printing package industry crowd promotion.

l Maintain close cooperation with printing and packaging associations in Southwest China, jointly invite printing and packaging factories in Southwest China, and organize groups to visit the association over the years: Sichuan Printing Association, Sichuan Packaging and Decoration Printing Industry Association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, Chengdu Printing Industry Association, Guizhou Printing Industry Association, Chongqing Packaging Association, Luzhou Printing and Packaging Technology Association, Yibin Printing Association, Mianyang Printing Association, Dazhou Printing Association, Suining Printing Association, Zigong Printing Association, Shaanxi Packaging Technology Association Association, Chongqing Bishan Printing and Packaging Association, Chongqing Wanzhou Printing Association, etc.

Simultaneous activities, diverse integration, infinite wonderful

2023 Chengdu Printing Bag Exhibition will continue to take various forms such as exhibition + forum + quality exhibition + training. The exhibition will gather the summit forum, work exhibition and other activities at the same time, to help you understand the latest market and technology trends, professional knowledge and design concept, grasp the pulse of the industry development!

1. BRF:

l The Fifth Western China (Chengdu) Wine Packaging Industry Summit Forum

Link Sichuan outside the wine bag association, wine enterprises, invited the national wine industry to travel west well-known enterprise representatives, Rongcheng together, together to discuss the new future of the wine bag industry.

l 2023 Label Technology Application Summit Forum

Organized by Sichuan Packaging and Decoration Printing Industry Association, the exhibition combines with the summit forum to invite industry experts and leading enterprises to meet the standards and deliver keynote speeches and special training for the benefit of the industry.

2023 Chengdu Digital Printing Summit Forum

Interpret the current development status of digital printing market through authoritative reports, present the latest digital printing technology and application cases, build an exchange platform for discussing business models together, and let industry colleagues appreciate the charm and development direction of digital printing technology.

2. Association Activities:

l Chengdu Packaging Technology Association member conference

The conference brings together the president, vice president, executive director and member units of the association to summarize and deploy the work of the association to help member enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

l 2023 Chengdu Corrugated carton Summit Forum and training

Sponsored by Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, invited experts in the industry to deliver keynote speeches and special training on the detection principles, national standards and testing methods of corrugated base paper, paper plate and carton, and various special packaging detection technologies for the benefit of the industry.

3, fine display

l 2023 Chengdu Printing and Packaging Fine Products Exhibition

It is a platform that gathers the quality results of all the star printing enterprises in the province and intuitively displays the overall strength and development level of printing technology in the province, so that you can see something.

l Chengdu Packaging Quality Exhibition, Chengdu wine packaging quality Exhibition

Many printing and packaging enterprises display many printing and packaging products and finished products, including wine packaging, paper packaging printing, plastic product printing, etc., displaying the printing and packaging manufacturing level of Sichuan from multiple perspectives, bringing more innovative thinking to visitors, and enabling the continuous construction of printing and packaging quality era.

4. Be courteous

l Buy products to subsidize travel expenses activity

The popular activity of Dena Exhibition has become a well-deserved popular activity among buyers for 12 years in a row, seeking more benefits for buyers, right here.

l Visit the red envelope drawing activity

See the show to win cash, grateful big feedback! As our PPE SVIP audience, you can not only enjoy one-to-one service, but also have the chance to win a red envelope of 2888 yuan.

Scope of Exhibits

1. Digital printing and graphic office

Ø Pre-press equipment and software:

ERP management software, solutions, typesetting software, image processing software, online output screen display;

Ø Indo-Chinese equipment:

Digital printing press, color copier, black and white copier, certificate printer, large format printer, large format scanner, engineering copier, engineering blueprint machine, inkjet plotter, small UV printer, clothing printer, heat transfer printer, banner machine, cutting plotter, personalized inkjet solutions, etc.

Ø post-press equipment:

Adhesive machine, paper cutting machine, card cutting machine, laminating machine, film drenching machine, cold mounting machine, stamping machine, binding machine, punching machine, pressing machine, folding machine, page dispensing machine, bookcase machine, glazing machine, stapler, indentation machine, plastic sealing machine, flattening machine, shredder, folding machine, hardcover recipe machine, etc.

Ø Related accessories and consumables:

Nozzle, gear, toner, toner cartridge, toner cartridge, ribbon, ink, cartridge, carbon tape, large cover trimming knife, etc.

Ø Personalized products and equipment:

Photo books, souvenir books, recipes, greeting cards, certificates, mouse pads, desk calendars, calendars and other decorative paintings, mobile phone cases, wallpaper, door panels, background walls, glass, ceramics, leather, bags, textiles, clothing and other printing equipment, hot stamping equipment, heat transfer equipment, water transfer equipment and other personalized printing equipment, image post-production equipment and accessories, supplies, printing cutting equipment, cutting equipment Proofing equipment, laser cutting equipment and other post-production equipment, photo printing equipment, color printer, large format printer, post-press album production integrated equipment, accessories and software;

Ø Material:

Photo paper, laser printing paper, coated paper, special paper, inkjet label paper, blueprint paper, copy paper, engineering paper, light film, matte film, hot mounting film, graphic special hot melt adhesive, photo frame, frame, etc.;

2, corrugated and color box packaging exhibition

Ø Corrugated exhibition area:

Corrugated carton machinery and equipment (cardboard, carton processing equipment and spare parts), corrugated cardboard production line, single-side corrugated machine, thin knife longitudinal indentation machine, slitting machine, cross-cutting machine, paper receiving machine, pre-press platforming equipment, printing equipment, post-press equipment, honeycomb carton machinery and equipment consumables, paper honeycomb, cardboard, pulp molding production machinery and equipment, all kinds of industrial paper, consumables, all kinds of industrial paper , consumables, related facilities and services, new factory design, old factory transformation, automation, intelligent packaging logistics system, manipulator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Ø Color Box Exhibition area:

Color printing, offset printing, rotary printing, large offset printing, rotary printing and other printing machinery and equipment, label, flexographic printing, gravure printing, screen printing, special printing, digital packaging printing and printing equipment exhibition area, digital UV flat ink-jet printing equipment, digital label printing equipment, digital commercial printing equipment and color management system and software, post-press, packaging printing machinery and equipment and printing and packaging production Products, box pasting machine, bag making machine, paper mounting machine, indentation machine, slotting machine, Angle cutting machine, nailing machine, strapping machine, stacking machine, intelligent robot laminating, polishing, hot pressing, die cutting, slitting, slitting, binding and other mechanical equipment, intelligent packaging technology equipment, RFID, supervision code, coding electronic label digital inkjet printing system anti-counterfeiting, detection, positioning, tracing system intelligent packaging tube Management system, etc.

Exhibition Fee:

Standard booth (9) (including: coaming board, lintel board, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, 220V power socket)

Exhibition area



foreign enterprises

Hardcover booth (P area)

9500 RMB/booth

1500 USD/booth

Standard booth (Zone A)


USD 1200/booth

Bare floor 36 minimum rent (including: exhibition space only, excluding special installation fee, cleaning deposit and other fees and any exhibition equipment)

Open space

domestic enterprises

foreign enterprises

T (bare ground)

700 RMB/

110 USD/

Event Venue

Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center Chengdu , China
No. 198, Century City RoadTianfu AvenueChe

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