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Are you a buyer residing in Pakistan interested in placing sizeable orders to import different types of products? Are you a supplier belonging to the country looking to expand your business internationally? Perhaps, you merely want to tap the Pakistani markets and fulfill the needs and wants of the countrymen? Regardless, is the ultimate B2B platform that can help you achieve your goals successfully within a short time. The sole purpose of our digital B2B portal is to connect buyers and sellers without any limitations of region, language, and time zone. As an importer, we can put you in contact with distributors who sell high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Pakistan is the 42nd economy in the world in terms of GDP. Despite economic and political difficulties Pakistan has been successful to liberalise its trade and investment framework. Textile products accounted by far for the largest share of exports in Pakistan followed by cotton and rice. Needless to say, Pakistan is one of the biggest nations within South Asia that has borders with several other, developing economies. For instance, there’s India to the east of Pakistan, China to the northeast, and Iran to the southwest. The United States is the top destination for Pakistani exports followed by China, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, and Germany. 

Anyone willing to begin international trading with Pakistan or anyone inside the country prepared to set up imports or exports should face no challenges when it comes to shipping as there are numerous trade routes by both sea and land. Pakistan shipped an estimated US$20.8 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2019. has allowed many businesses to attract buyers and establish profitable, long-term links with exporters from Pakistan over the years. Each entity that has worked with us to step into the country’s markets has undoubtedly earned increasing revenue and profits. We offer you a method that requires minimal resource consumption and gives incredibly high returns. 

Importing in Pakistan 

Pakistan’s population estimates to 216.6 million, and the total of $20.8 billion in exports in 2019 translates to an estimated $100 for every resident. According to a survey, Pakistan imports a vast variety of products that include electronic equipment, electrical devices, plastics, organic chemicals, industrial machinery, oils, mineral fuels, automobiles, medical apparatus, optical equipment, boats, ships, rubber, aluminum, iron, steel, and so on. If you are a buyer living in Pakistan and want to import any of the above-mentioned items, can make it happen. We cater to every industry’s finest suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors who believe in supplying products that remain consistent in terms of quality, regardless of how many times you place orders with them. We have skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced people working for us who can negotiate with the exporters on your behalf. These experts can also mediate the meetings between you and a seller at your discretion to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. Importing products through, a globally recognized B2B portal turns into a pleasant experience as we utilize efficient methods that guarantee favorable outcomes for the buyers.

Are You Interested In Selling To Pakistani Buyers? is a channel that promises to bring fruitful results for buyers and sellers alike. If you want to tap the Pakistani markets by selling to clients over there, choosing to achieve such ambitious objectives is undeniably a commendable way of going forward. We can bring you authentic leads from prestigious Pakistani buyers who are most likely to submit orders after verifying the quality, price, and other relevant factors. You no longer need to hire an agent to represent you within the international markets or set up an office abroad. presents a modernized and technologically advanced way of doing business with buyers in other states. We operate through an online website as well as a mobile application which allows you to keep costs significantly lower and indulge in advantageous transactions with the clients as conveniently as possible.

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