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Portwater filter, water improver, water scale reduction device

Product Details

The Simple Solution For Hard Water Problems

Our water scale reduction device, manufactured in Israel for over two decades, has been successfully marketed internationally for many years. It stands out as an eco-friendly solution, free from any active ingredients that could be released into the water. Instead, it works by altering the structure of scale-forming minerals, preventing them from accumulating.

Suitable for all homes and apartments, our scale reduction device seamlessly integrates with existing plumbing systems and can be installed at the main water inlet or directly to specific appliances. While industrial and commercial sizes are available, our primary focus is on residential applications.

As limescale is a global issue that can damage pipes, faucets, and appliances with heating elements like water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and water systems, our softener offers a comprehensive solution. It also helps reduce household maintenance costs associated with appliance replacement and energy consumption.

Our product boasts several advantages:

Eco-friendly design
Proven effectiveness
Easy installation and maintenance
Long-lasting durability

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