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R6 continuous casting machine

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Product Details

1. CCM

Casting radius: R6m

Billet specification: 100*100,125*125,130*130, 150*150mm

Strand number: strands 2 strands

Dummy bar: rigid dummy bar

Ladle support: Ladle Rotor Tower/Ladle moving car

Cutting way: automatic hydraulic cutting machines/Flame cutting machine

Electrical system: SIEMENS/DELTA Transducer, SIEMENS/DELTA PLC, SCHNEIDER contactors . PLC automatic controlling

Steel grader Q215,Q235,20MnSi,45# and so on or CK45, CK60, MO 40, ST 32 and ST 55.

Billets Size: 6-12m

Pusher-type: hydraulic pressure system ,Mechanical car type.

2. Water system

a. Mould cooling water

Influent pressure: P0.9Mpfa

Influent temperature: 35

Influent effluent temperature difference: 6-10


Water total hardness: 150mg/L

Flow: 240Nm3/h

b. Secondary cooling water

Hydraulic: P0.6Mpa

Impurity particle size: 0.2mm

Flow: 80Nm3/h

c. Machinery cooling water

Hydraulic: P0.6MPa

Impurity particle size: 0.5mm

Flow: 40Nm3/h

3. Gas System

a. Oxygen

Pressure: P0.9Mpa

Purity: 99.5%

Flow: 4Nm3/min

b. Gas

Pressure: P 0.3MPa

Combustion value: 93700KJ/m3

Flow: 1.5Nm3/min

c. Compressed air

Pressure: P 0.5MPa

Flow: Q5Nm3/min

Withdrawal straightening machine

Power: 11KW/set

Rated revolution: 1500/min

Billet withdrawing force(max): 11000N

Straightening force (max): 220000N

Tension speed range: 0.3-3.0m/min

Dummy bar speed (max): 3.99m/min

4. Central hydraulic station

System pressure: P8.0MPa

System flow: Q=37.5L/min

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