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High speed corrugated board printing machine

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Product introduction

Fully Automatic Printing Slottin


Fully Automatic Printing Slottin


Performance features:

The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high requirements, reliability and safety. Fast change of orders, easy to operate.

select high-quality materials and accessories.

The drive gear is hardened and ground, and the Roche hardness is 60 degrees.

Automatic zeroing.

All clearances are adjusted manually or electrically.

All rolling shafts are chrome plated to enhance hardness.

The use of imported PLC, touch screen multi-functional control, with the storage of common orders, cleaning plate automatic reset function.


Use and Characteristics:

◆ The whole machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with high requirements,reliability and safety. Quick change of order, easy to operate.

◆ select quality materials and accessories.

◆ The transmission gear is hardened and ground to a hardness of >60.

◆ Zero automatically.

◆ All clearance is adjusted manually or electronically.

◆ All rolling shafts are chrome plated to increase hardness.

◆ It adopts the multi-function control of imported PLC and touch screen, with the function of storing common orders and automatic reset of printing plate cleaning.


Fully Automatic Printing Slottin

Uses and features:

Pre-pressurized wheel device: electric linkage slotting, press line, pre-press once completed.

Electric adjustment of the carton length, width, height and folding parts, digital display.

The line wheel gap is adjusted manually, and the dial shows the adjustment value.

The grooving knife thickness is 7mm, alloy steel, jagged heat treatment tooth grinding, sharp blade, high precision.

The slotting phase is adjusted by computer-electric numerical 360 degrees.

Additional hand-held hole mold seat.

In the slotting part is equipped with a chain control switch, to achieve emergency stop, stop or resume paper delivery.


Use and Characteristics:

◆ Prepressing wheel Electically couped storting and ciutng and prepressing

◆ Autonatically adusted oreuo cdata sot ng wih freouency convertef fevision lo ensurehigh precinion

◆ Manuially adusted sconng wheel clesrance weh adutment data d solayod on the diai7mm aloy steel scoring knves wih ndent heat treatmont to enable gnnding teeth shap edge and high precison

◆ PLC louch screen and molbrized dotal scodegree adjustiment adopted lorm toirting phase with order beng abie tostatd

◆ Additonal portable orifice die backer

◆ Equpped with the inerlock control switch at sloting unt to acheve stop orresurmepaper teed.

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