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DC1629L/ DC1629D Pilot Type Low Noise Double Cage Control Valve

PortShanghai & Ningbo
Lead Time1 month

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Body sizeDN50 – DN600(2″- 24″) Fluid temperature-29℃ - 620℃
Plunge sizeDN50 – DN600(2″- 24″) Range-ability50:1 – 30:1
Lead Time1 month

Product Details

The basic type of DC1629L / D pilot type low-noise control valve (which can be used for steam venting) is straight through the valve body, pilot balanced valve core, low-noise or multi-stage pressure reduction, and low-noise sleeve control valve, which is applied to very severe working conditions. The fluid is mainly regulated by the sleeve of special drilling, which provides full stroke continuous guidance for the valve core. When the valve is closed, the flow closing structure relies on the unbalanced force generated by the fluid flow closing to ensure the sealing of the valve core and realize a tight cut-off. The specially designed pilot balanced valve core can open the valve with only a small thrust. The patented all-metal guide ring and metal hard seal can ensure that the leakage level of GB / T4213 can meet level V under the high-temperature condition of 566 , and there is no temperature limit for actual use.

Except for the pilot valve internals, other parts can be interchanged with DC1624 series control valves.

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Body format

Body type

DC1629L Ball valve globe type

DC1529L Angle valves Angle type

DC1629D Ball valveglobe type

DC1529D Angle valves Angle type

Nominal path

Body size

DN50 – DN6002″- 24″

Spool size

Plunge size

DN50 – DN6002″- 24″

Nominal pressure

Body rating

PN16 – PN420ANSI class 150 - 2500

Fluid temperature

Fluid temperature

-29 - 620

Connection mode


Flange typeRFFMRTJ),Welding typeSWBW

FlangedRFFMRTJ),butt weldsocket weld

The material of the valve body

Body materials

A216 WCB/WCCA217 WC6/WC9/C12AA352 LCB/LCCA351 CF8/CF8M

The material of the valve internals

Trim materials

GB1220 20Cr13/S30408/S31608/17-4PHA479 XM-19 Inconel 718A182 F6NM+STL

Adjustable ratio


50:1 – 30:1

Flow characteristics


Linearity, equal percentagelinear EQ%

The amount of seat leakage


Hard sealed metal seat

GB4213 level ANSI class

Soft seal soft seat


Executive Body

Actuator combination

Electric executive mechanism

Electric actuator

Pneumatic thin film type executive mechanism

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Pneumatic piston type executive mechanism

Pneumatic cylinder actuator

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