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Crude Glycerine 80%, Glycerine, Food Grade Glycerin for Sale

FOB Price 300 - 800 USD / ton
MOQ25 tons
Lead Time15days

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Lead Time15 Days FinishingCustomized
BrandOEM OriginChina

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Glycerine is widely used in chemistry, paint industry, texitile and dyeing, and foods, as hygroscopic agent and sugar substitute.Crude Glycerine 80% is generated from Oleochemicals factory, light brown colour, 80% min.A dark brown viscous liquid derived from trans-esterification of crude palm oil.




Super grade

Top grade

First grade

Second grade







≥ 99.5 %

≥ 98.5 %

≥ 98 %

≥ 95 %

Density (20°C )

≥1.2598 g/ml

≥ 1.2572g/ml

≥ 1.2559g/ml

≥1.2481 g/ml


≤ 0.001%

≤ 0.001%

≤ 0.01%

≤0.05 %

Sulfating Ash





Acidity or Alkalinity





Saponification equivalent





Heavy metals (as Pb)











Colorless transparent liquid, odorless, moisture absorption

Glycerine Applications :

(1) Food industry :

(2) Pharmaceutical and personal care applications

Glycerol is used in medical and pharmaceutical and personal care preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant

(3 )Surface science :

Glycerol is shown to reduce the coefficient of friction of polymer coated surfaces by several orders of magnitude. This effect is attributed to the enhanced viscosity of glycerol-water solutions as compared to the pure water

(4) Botanical extracts :

When utilized in 'tincture' method extractions, specifically as a 10% solution, glycerol prevents tannins from precipitating in ethanol extracts of plants (tinctures). It is also used as a substitute for ethanol as a solvent in preparing herbal extractions

(5) Antifreeze:

Glycerol was historically used as an anti-freeze for automotive applications before being replaced by ethylene glycol, which has a lower freezing point. While the minimum freezing point of a glycerol-water mixture is higher than an ethylene-glycol mixture, glycerol is not toxic and is being re-examined for use in automotive applications

(6) Chemical intermediate:

Glycerol is used to produce nitroglycerin, or glycerol-trinitrate .Reliance on soap-making to supply co-product glycerine made it difficult to increase production to meet wartime demand.

(7) Fuel:

glycerol can be used as an alternative to diesel


200kgs/drum. 250kg/drum ,1000kgs/Tank. 22MTS/20'FCL. according to the customers

Delivery Detail: within 2 weeks after receive advanced payment or as required

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