Bullet-Resistant Glass Armored Vehicle
  • Bullet-Resistant Glass Armored Vehicle

Bullet-Resistant Glass Armored Vehicle

Product Details

Bullet-Resistant Glass Armored Vehicle


NIJ 0108.01 DIN52290 UL752 EN1063


50 Years R&D Experience on ballistic material



Laminated glass

Laminated glass + Polycarbonate

Laminated polycarbonate

Polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA)



Glass thickness:





Ballistic performance:

Thickness , Density:

.44Magnum, 9mm FMJ

20mm, 51kg/sqm

5.56x45mm M193/SS109/M855(M16)

7.62X39mm (AK47)

33mm, 77kg/sqm

7.62x51mm NATO(M-14)

39mm, 84kg/sqm

.30 M2 AP

52mm, 118kg/sqm

7.62x51mm AP

79mm, 179kg/sqm

12.7mm AP

99mm, 240kg/sqm




International Standards :

l   UL752

l   EN1063

l   NIJ0108.01




Quality Control:

l   Certificates: ISO9001:2008, GJB9001B-2009, CCC, CE, SGCC



Payment terms:

l   T/T,L/C






l   Building- Embassy, Office, Residence, Bank


l   Vehicles- Car, APC, ACC, Ambulance,


l   Showroom-, Jewelry Shop, Museum




For Vehicles:



For Embassy,Residence:


For Bank,Shops:


For Shields:




Ballistic Test System & Test Certificates:





Impact-resistant glass:


Professional manufacturer of bullet-resistant glass in China


Strict quality control system


Guarantee according to of Military Std.

SANDA BALLISTIC products provide the maximum bullet resistance available in a variety of UL 752 /NIJ 0108.01 /EN 1063ballistic protection levels. We pride ourselves on quality and guarantee our products tested by National Ballistic Lab. and International Ballistic Lab.