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Axis Dynamic RF Co2 Laser Marking Machine Laser Engraving Machine

Product Details

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Product Description

* CO2 Laser marking machine features high precision, fast speed,and controllable marking depth as well as long long continuous working hour with maintenance-free.
* Using Co2 glass laser device,which is economical,by the way of rear focusing .
* The optical system can up-and-down back-and-forth freely.
* Dedicated industrial-control computer,is adaptable and has high capacity of antijamming,working stably to enable continuous and stable operation all day long .
* Adopting red dot positioning system to make an accurate position to avoiding Wasting material.
* Compatible with regular image format(bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,etc) ,vector image format(ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc )and image processing fuction(grey conversion,black and white image conversion,and net point processing )
* With multiple control tools,users can freelly interact the control system with the external equipments
* Support multi-language.

Product Features

  • Marking a variety of non-metal materials
  • No consumables, free Maintenance
  • Stable performance, no faulty in long time working
  • Long lifetime upto 60,000hours
  • High marking speed, high efficiency, high precision
  • Software with powerful edit function but easy operation
  • Air cooling design, compact structure
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    Operating software

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    Application & Sample

    Hispeed CO2 lasers can be used quickly and permanently to mark alphanumerics,

    logos, and bar codes into a variety of materials at high speed.
    Among the outstanding features offered by laser marking are improved reliability and productivity respect
    to the conventional solutions such as ink jet printing.

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    Product Parameters

    Model LS-CO-20D/30D/50D/100D/150D
    Power 20W,30W,50W,100W,150D
    Wavelength 10.64nm
    Beam Quqlity M2<1.3
    Output Power 10%-100%
    Output Frequency 20KHz-100KHz
    Power Stability(8h) <±1%rms
    Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
    Engraving Depth 0.5mm~2.5mm
    Engraving Speed 300 standard characters/second
    Minimum Line Width 0.06mm
    Minimum Charecter 0.4mm
    Repeated Accuracy ±0.01mm
    Cooling Model Air Cooling/Water Cooling(>50W)
    Environment Temperature 10°C~35°C
    Environment Humidity 20%-80%
    Power Requirement 220V/Single Phase/50Hz<4A
    System Operation Windows xp 2007/10
    Life of Laser Module 100000Hrs
    Host Size 800mmx600mmx1400mm

    Company Profile

    Hispeed Laser Technology Ltd. Laser marking machine manufacturer is committed to producing and supplying premium laser marking machines and offering specialized laser marking solutions.

    Hispeed laser marking machines are beyond all praise and have quickly taken over the market by virtue of their superior quality and advanced laser marking system. Our machines have exported to more than 60 countries of various industries and manufacturers worldwide, delivering the highest quality laser marking machines with unsurpassed care and customer service.

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    Why Hispeed Laser?
    (1)We are Factory to make laser machines with years of experience.
    (2)We are a reliable and experienced supplier. Our machine quality are assurable.
    (3)CE and FDA certificate .
    2.Warranty & After-Sale Service
    (1) All the machines will be fully tested before shipment and free training for operator.
    (2) The whole machine guarantee for 2 Years(some models)
    (3) 24 hours' technical Support--Email, Telephone,Video Chat Or Romote assistance.
    (4) User-friendly English Manuals for the Introduction of our Software/Machine and
    CD (Guiding Videos) for Sotware's installing/Operation and
    3.Easy to use and safety
    (1)CD, Video, User Manual to guide you how to install, operate, maintain machine
    step by step.
    (2)limit switch for safe processing.Emergency stop-turn off machine immediately

    After Service Policy
    Training & Technical Support

    1.Machine manual and Operation video will be provided with machine.

    2.Software manual will be provided in softcopy.

    3.Initial parameters in the software will be setup so the machine is "ready to use".

    4.Online technical support requests will be reponsed within 1 hours during working time,we will guide you by email ,telephone or video chat.

    5.Actually this laser marking machine is quite simple on operation,most of our users can start to use the machine and learn well by themselves in short time.

    6.Engineer onsite technical support is available,visa ,air tickets,accommodation and local transportation fee will be on client's side.(Appointment needed )
    Different Aspects Hispeed Laser Some Suppliers May
    Windows System Windows 10 Win 7 or XP
    Laser Source/Generator Brand New Refurbished or Second-hand
    Control Card & Software Genuine original JCZ brand Copied
    Z-axis Motorized Z-axis Manuel
    Red Light Focus Two red light spot none
    Warranty 24 months 12 or 18 months
    After Service Response within 3 hours(working time) response in 3 days or no response
    Repair Parts Send alternative parts immediately, Users have to send the faulty or broken parts
    minimized the users' production delay back to the supplier firsty,wait to repaired and
    then resend to customer,delay production
    Business Type Factory; Real manufacturer Trading company or agent
    (Indicated in the Business License)
    Certifications CE,FDA
    Trade Capability With Export License
    Sales & Merchandiser Team Years of professional experience in international Lack of experience for export custom and
    business, process
    understand customer's needs well,
    keep customer updated for every details,tension-
    free purchsing process


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    Packaging & Shipping
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