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Automatic Flute Laminator

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Fully automatic high-speed adsorption type paper machine

Automatic flute lamintor


Automatic flute laminator

Uses and features:

The fully automatic paper machine adopts the rear push claw, the rear positioning feed paper, with the shrapder side gauge and the substrate suction system, so that this model uses a wide range of paper, high precision at the same time retains the simple operation of this model, easy to maintain the characteristics.

This machine coating roller adopts the medium-high design, with the mesh uniformity roller, greatly improves the uniformity of the coating glue, improves the muling strength, reduces the customer's production cost.

The steel roller has been balanced and tested, and the tight assembly process has effectively improved the stability of the machinery, together with the main transmission using time-standard belt and tooth belt drive, which effectively improves the operating accuracy of the machine and reduces the running noise.

Fully automatic paper machine using liquid surface control system, automatic circulation of glue, greatly reducing the intensity of labor.

Self-developed strong Feida paper and electrical control system and all electrical appliances using international and domestic well-known brands make this model run stable, low failure rate.


Use and Characteristics:


◆Automatic Flute Laminating adopts chain pusher and back registion system together 

with spring blade side lay and vacuum sucking conveying system make shis series 

of machine fit a larger of paper,high precision while remaining the features of easy 

operayion and maintenance.

◆This machine glue roller adopts high design , match with anilox roller and rubber roller , 

The uniformity of the coating was improved greatly , Increase the intensity of draping . 

Reduce the cost of the customer production.

◆Balance-tested rollers,tight assembling technique,plus timing and tooth belt driving 

mechanic system makes the machine run at low noise with high precision.

◆The machine adopts automatic glue supply and recyclable glue circulating system.

◆Self-developed high-strength feeder compliant with high configuration electric systm 

makes the machine run at low malfunction and stable. The electric parts used are all

world wide available brand or well-known Chinese brand.


Automatic flute laminator

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