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Garment steamer HS-T01

  • FOB Price: 20 - 30 USD / Pieces
  • Port: NINGBO
  • Certification CE, GS
  • Power (W) 1600
  • Voltage (V) 230
  • Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Red and White S.P.A

  • Country/Region: Italy
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Employee Count: 101 - 200 People

Clothes dryer

  • Port: 25046 Cazzago San Martino (Brescia)
  • Power Source Electric
  • Dryer Type Electric Clothes Airer
  • Automatic Type Automatic
  • Installation Portable / Mini
  • Certification CE

Freitech srl

  • Country/Region: Italy
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Employee Count: 11 - 50 People


  • FOB Price: 167.18 - 334.35 USD / Units
  • Port: -
  • Condition New
  • Brand Name CANDY, HOOVER, BEKO
  • Place of Origin Italy
  • Power Source Electric


  • Country/Region: Italy
  • Business Type: Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Employee Count: 11 - 50 People

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Today’s man is completely dependent on machines and gadgets. For all the routine tasks whether big or small, machines are our helping buddies. If we hierarchically distribute our necessities, clothes would rank on top after food and water. Changing clothes everyday ends up in the form of huge dirty piles and washing them can take up a person’s whole day leaving him tired and exhausted. There were times when this task was done manually. After tiring session of washing and rubbing, drying the clothes was another problem. The wet clothes needed a huge space to be hung and dried. In cold areas it took days for warm and thick clothes to dry.  But thanks to the laundry machines (washers and dryers), now this chore is done with utmost ease and comfort.

Washing with the help of laundry appliances not only cuts of the time but also saves the resources. It takes lesser water and detergent to wash clothes in a washing machine. The continuous rotation of washing container ensures the proper cleaning without damaging the clothes. The dryers take out the water from the washed clothes through centrifugal force or by heat and steam induction. Though there are a huge number of people who use washer and dryer combos which involve physical effort as well to some extent. To make life even more comfortable, the companies have introduced automatic machines. These machines further make life easier because a person does not need to wrangle and rinse clothes before putting them into dryers while using these automatic laundry machines. One just throws in the dirty laundry pile and takes out the clean and dry badge of clothes.

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