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EMBROIDERY YARN Manufacturers and Suppliers

131 product(s)

Embroidery Backing Stabilizer Cotton Material Easy Tear Away For Sewing

100% Polyester DTY 300D/72F Yarn

MX Type Metallic Yarn For Weaving or Knitting 2*30d polyester supported Lurex Silver and golden

Viscose metallic yarn

Embroidery thread, metallic embroidery thread, metallized yarn

Carbon Fiber Yarn

Aramid 1414 Wrapped Steel Wire Anti Cutting Yarn for Cut Resistant Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves

Metallic Yarn Low Price Guaranteed Quality Embroidered Yarn Metallic

Colorful metallic thread for zari

Reflective metallic yarn mh type for fabrics

Super Chunky 70% Wool Blend 30% Acrylic Hand Knitting Yarn

63%Polyester 25%PBT 12%Nylon Core Spun Yarn Used For Knitting Sweater Socks

Blended yarn cotton viscose blended yarn blended knitting yarn

Water blocking Aramid yarn

Milk cotton yarn 50g cotton thread for knitting crochet

KT001 polyester rayon knitting yarn

Ms Type Gold Embroidery Polyester Metallic Yarn For Weaving

Philippine Raffia Spool Raffia Yarn Fiber For Weaving Nature Raffia Grass Yarn

MH MS MX Type Dongyang Pure Silver Gold Japan Metallic Yarn Embroidery

Consinee soft containing water soluble 50% pva 50% cashmere yarn

Hot sale conductive yarn low resistance stainless steel thread

Treasure1 ODM hand knitted wool yarn needle knitted thread soft wool yarn for sweater

High Quality Wholesale Merino Wool Blended Yarns for Hand Knitting Scarf Squirrel Hair and Wool Blend Yarn 10s/3 ,32Colors

Metallic yarn

Hot sale knitting angora wool viscose nylon blended yarn

Wholesale Price Bamboo Organic Cotton Wool Blend Yarn

Chinese Color Yarn Sheep hair 70% wool 30% nylon Yarn For Sweater Knitted clothing


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